YCN @ Rivington Street EC2

I have just sorted out a heap of freshly laundered black socks which were brought back from the Down Under by Hubbie yesterday morning. Mixing & matching almost identical black socks isn’t as easy as one may think. But I have managed to find each rightful pair. Bliss! Also, Mr.B is very happy to have a complete “pack” back.

A few Saturdays ago before Hubbie embarked on his very first Australian visit, he, I & Mr.B were enjoying a leisurely stroll around Hoxton / Shoreditch.

Mr.B was demonstrating his wish. ‘Don’t you dare even thinking about leaving me behind!’


Hubbie wanted to browse Artwords Bookshop on Rivington Street. After buying a couple of coffee table books, we carried on towards Shoreditch High Street.

Being situated on the opposite side of Rivington Place, a well-known gallery designed by David Adjaye, was YCN


YCN is a creative organisation which provides its members opportunities to network and share their experiences and ideas, as well as mentors fledgling designers valuable career advice.

This was how it looked when we visited them…


The works on display were mainly graphic design and photography.
The price was between £10 – 70. They were not only very affordable but also achingly original. They would make a very cool gift, I thought.

Slingshots by Christopher Jaratt…



The sight of the slingshots made me smile. A simple toy I ran around with when I was a kid. Even though I was rubbish with it, carrying it in my back pocket made me feel very resourceful and adventurous.

In the back of the shop, there was a library with bookshelves laden with rare and interesting old books….


Hubbie and I agreed that the place would definitely be worth a visit if we were in the neighbourhood in future.

Then, we settled ourselves comfortably in the seat at Leila’s Shop on Calvert Avenue for a well-deserved coffee break…


My flat white & a slice of Victoria sponge.

Mr.B wanted to know if he could have any crumb…


Mmmm… I shall save a crumb or two if you promise to let me scrub your teeth more diligently than usual once we get home…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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