Pop-Up Book Sale ICA @ The Mall

The recent London has been blessed with a blue sky and fluffy white wispy clouds. And the weather of the last Saturday was no exception.
‘We are going to the ICA today!’ Hubbie declared breezily. He explained that we were to visit a weekend-only pop-up bookshop held at the gallery. Oh, okay…


I was not an avid Royal calendar follower and therefore I had no idea what was held at Horse Guard Parade that morning but along the stretch of The Mall, a row of crowd-control barriers was in place on both sides and onlookers were milling about…


We had a quick bite at the gallery’s cafe before plunging our nose between pages of precious prints…


The coffee at ICA was not bad at all and the sandwiches were really tasty.

After climbing two flights of stairs…


And we were greeted with table tops and shelves laden with vintage art & photography books…




While Hubbie was wandering between stalls, I came across intriguing looking pins at one of the venders…


The staff explained to me that their designs were inspired by fonts and borders. I decided to take two of them home with me, the pins in the first and second row, because they reminded me the artworks of James Turrell…


A corridor of the ICA…


Once outside, we headed to the nearest ice cream van. They were making a brisk trade as customers swarmed around the window, wanting to have an icy treat…


We licked our soft ice-cream and sauntered to the Royal Academy…


Alas, the Summer Exhibition was not on yet so we headed home.

A back view of the statue in the courtyard resembled a bullfighter, squaring at a bull in the ring, I thought…

Do you agree with me?

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

4 thoughts on “Pop-Up Book Sale ICA @ The Mall

  1. That’s an interesting comment about the statue as you probably read on the front of the plinth it’s Sir Joshua Reynolds and he pretty much set up the Royal Academy of Art for George III as a direct challenge to the French Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture. Reynolds may not have been a bull fighter, but he certainly fought to raise the standard of English art.

    • Hi Agnes, oh thank you for the information about the statue! I didn’t know about Sir Reynolds but am very intrigued about him now. Must wiki about him soon. We wanted to see the Summer Exhibition but it wasn’t on just yet. Apprently, the show includes a work by James Turrell which I am very much looking forward to seeing it. Are you visiting the show too? X

      • Aah, Reynolds – most UK Art History students have to give him the once over, more for his schmoozing of the great and the good than for his artistic output!!

        Yes, will probably be going with my sister in July. We both like to play at being ‘art critics’, and we often heartily disagree! Will look out for the James Turrell.

      • Oh I see. Still, thanks to Sir Reynolds, we have RA 🙂
        I kind of like the Summer Exhibition at RA because there are lots of paintings to see. Nowadays, most of the modern art exhibitions feature too much video installations or oversized sculptures which I find rather boring. 😉

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