Saturday Lunch @ Charlotte Street W1

Even though the amount of grass pollens in the air was at its highest, Hubbie, Mr.B and I decided to have a leisurely lunch on Charlotte Street last Saturday.

We waited for Hubbie on tha pavement while he brought a car out of the underground car park. It was rather breezy and Mr.B looked like as if he was being blow-dried…


We parked our car near Hubbie’s office and walked towards Charlotte Street.
BT Tower was standing tall against the sky decorated with wispy clouds like an Olympic torch…


We found a table at Côte.
Mr.B was excited to be greeted with a basket of bread…


Across the street, I saw Josephine’s Filipino Restaurant


Come to think of it, I never had any cuisine from Philippine and am very intrigued.
I suggested Hubbie if we could have a go at the place one evening. However spice-shy Hubbie suggested that I should look for an alternative dining companion… *RAT*

We tucked in steak and French fries. The sirloin was slightly overdone which I found rather regrettable…


To accompany the steak, we shared tomato, shallot & basil salad…


Then, we rounded up our meal with apple tart with ice cream…


After lunch, we strolled to Park Camera off Oxford Street to buy a tripod.
Mr.B waited patiently in the carrier while Hubbie pondered which one to buy…


Being ever so workaholic, Hubbie couldn’t help checking his inbox while Mr.B looked up to him quizzically.

‘What are you looking at?’


Charlotte Street glows in the mellow afternoon sun…


On our way back to the car, we came across Pollock’s Toy Museum on Scala Street…


The museum has been a place which I was meant to visit for years but not yet done so. I must must come back to it very soon…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

13 thoughts on “Saturday Lunch @ Charlotte Street W1

  1. Hope your allergies are better controlled by this time. We browsed the menu on the link in your post and it seems that they do serve Filipino food. And we found it very interesting that they serve a “deep-end” dish like dinuguan (black pudding stew). There were some misspellings on the Filipino words but hopefully the dishes would taste as authentic as it can get. Hope you have a good experience. 🙂

    • Nooo, my allegies are still here. Apparently, it will not cease until the mid July. I really hate this time of year. But thank you for your concern 🙂
      About the restaurant, I took a close look with my friend who was interested in Filipino food. We were a bit taken aback because the place didn’t appear to be in a good order – the decor was falling apart and the menu looked more like Chinese. Is Filipino food similar to the Chinese? I would appreciate your advice on the matter 😉

      • Oh no. Too bad with the allergies.

        Regarding the restaurant, if it looked that bad then please don’t eat there. Searched for the “Best” Filipino restaurant in London and this was the result :

        Well, Filipino food is similar in some ways to Chinese food but a better description would be a mixture of influences from Spain and China (plus some others). Filipino adobo is an example of that mixture with garlic and vinegar coming from the Spanish influence while soy sauce from the Chinese.

        Cirilo’s specials from the link above ( look pretty authentic on paper and the pictures look good. Hope it would be better than Josephine’s. 🙂

      • Thank you very much for the information. I discussed with my friend again and we agreed that we should have a go at Josephine’s. Even though the decor appeared a bit dated, the location was in a prime location of Central London. And I am definitely looking forward to trying typical Filipino menu. Can you suggest what we should try?

      • Oh. that’s good to hear. When we think of Filipino food, the dishes that come to mind are the Sinigang (sour soup) and Adobo (vinegar and soy-sauce based). We hope that they prepare it as authentic as possible. You could also try the Kare-kareng baka (beef in peanut sauce) with a side of shrimp paste if you don’t mind eating shrimp paste and Laing (taro leaves in spicy coconut cream). All of the dishes preferably should be eaten with rice using spoon and fork. The way to eat the Kare-kare is to put a little sauce on rice then scoop it with a portion of the meat then put in a little bit of the shrimp paste. We hope you’ll have a great time there. If you like spicy dishes then you can also try the Bicol express. 🙂

  2. Charlotte street! It’s so nice to hear a familiar London road name again. I’ve got that nostalgic feeling again as Charlotte street is within walking distance from my university! Fantastic food photos as always, making my mouth water as usual!!

    Recently, I’ve been getting that bitter-sweet feeling as I can’t wait to come home and go to all these places, but I’m settled quite nicely here in Japan!
    Hope you are well 🙂

    • Walking distance from Charlotte Street? Are you from UCL? If so, I am the same!! (though it was light-years ago).
      I am salivating over the photos of your blog posts. I want to eat good sushi, pancake…etc. It would be great if we could borrow Captain Kirk’s transporter time to time, wouldn’t it?
      I am happy in London most of the time but still miss Japan too. Especially, I miss cherry blossom, summer Matsuri, colourful autumn leaves… that sort of things. Then, I also miss London when I am in Japan! I don’t know which is my home sometimes. Let’s say I have two homes!
      Ohhh, I must update my blog more often but physically exhausted recently and can’t face blogging sometimes. Do you know why? Because I’ve decided to go back playing ice hockey competitively next season and upped my off-ice training. As the result, I just feel like not having enough time to do everything. Once I am used to this lifestyle, I can blog more often (so I hope). Thank you for your patience 😉 X

      • Ah I go to SOAS, not UCL I’m afraid. But they’re practically next door, right?
        That would be amazing if we could travel through time or even use the Tardis or something like that so that we could be in London or Tokyo in a matter of seconds!
        I think it’s pretty cool that you have “two” homes – you get the best of both worlds!
        Wow! You play ice hockey competitively??!? That’s amazing!! You must be very fit and strong!
        I do know what you mean, I sometimes get a bit lazy too since I’m not always doing fun things every day so I don’t feel like writing a post since there isn’t much to say. But then my mum messages me on Facebook, demanding to know when my next post is! *Sigh* If it wasn’t for her, I don’t think I’d still be doing my blog hehehe

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