Bits & Pieces…

I am not into FIFA World Cup.
Do you know why? Because I am rather disgusted by all those fake dives performed by “world-class athletes”, which acts are followed by them rolling around on the turf in crocodile tears, clutching their shins like toddlers, wanting attention from their mummies. Especially, the match between French vs Honduras, how often did I notice the blue shirts curling up in a foetal position? Is it morally ok to pretend that the one is hurt in order to milk from the situation? Is lying acceptable if it happens on the football pitch? What kind of example do those dubious behaviours set to impressionable youngsters who are watching the games? Professional footballers are hardly a positive role model nowadays but their “lying & cheating” styles are really over the top. No wonder I prefer ice hockey to football! While NHL players pretend they are not hurt after collisions, those world-famous footballers pretend they are badly hurt. What a bunch of sissies they are! Since FIFA has introduced goal cameras from this competition, they should consider giving refs lie-detectors in the 2018 tournament so the beautiful game will become cleaner.

A cool weather has descended upon London since last Saturday. The sky is covered with grey clouds and the wind is rather chilly. Where has the summer gone? Is it already over?!

By the way, there are a few things I came across while I was out & about recently.
A London Underground logo emerges from under layers of posters at Old Street station…


A building wall off Oxford Street looks like a wall of cascading surf…


Undulating iron works on the building by Finsbury Square…


A bagpiper treating two rather grumpy looking toddlers to a birthday tune in front of the Selfridges…


A gigantic flea about to leap over a Royal Mail van on Great Eastern Street…


Tonight, I will be watching NHL GameCenter LIVE on my Mac while Hubbie is glued to TV, watching the footie…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

6 thoughts on “Bits & Pieces…

  1. Apparently I hear that this kind of pathetic ‘cheating’ is called gamesmanship!! I agree with you and I think it is an insult to one’s intelligence unless . . . you watch the whole proceedings as a comedy and then I’ve found it all very funny. Sorry for being so cynical at such an early stage of the World Cup – in all sadness, I have been a football fan since I was a kid.
    Enjoy the ice hockey 🙂

    • Mmmm… gamesmanship, I see. Since football is “non-contact” sport, the tackling becomes more crafty and suspicious, I find. And diving! Maybe I should be more cynical and see the funny side of it. Paul thinks the England players didn’t enough “acting” and therefore lost more than a few opportunities. Oh dear…

  2. Your comment about football got me laughing so hard! Exactly what I think of football and hence can’t be bothered by it. Too much pretence on the court, rowdy attitudes and sliding across the grass for my liking. Kinda wish there was a tennis umpire to silence the football crowd! :p

    • I am glad you liked the image! I found the graffitti in my neighbourhood while I was strolling. It was taken across a rather busy street so I had to wait for quite a while until the right kind of car was there… 😉

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