Ozone Coffee Roasters @ Leonard St EC2

I am standing in the queue at my local post office with a few parcels which are to be returned to the stores so I can claim refunds. For some unknown reason, all the self-service machines are out of order and therefore I have to join a looooooong line trailing from the counters. At least, I am grabbing this detour so I can update my otherwise sluggish blog…

Around Old Street tube station, there is another notable coffee joint, named Ozone Coffee Roaster. They not only offer carefully brewed cups but also an extensive breakfast & lunch menu which has proved to be hugely popular amongst the City workers as well as the tech crowds around the vicinity…


My flat white. I must say it was not the best one I tasted from them. A faint but noticeable bitterness was left on my tongue as the liquid trickled down my throat. Roasting and brewing a perfect cup of coffee is quite an art, isn’t it?…


For late lunch, I had Eggs Benedict with salmon…


The poached eggs and rashers of smoked salmon were laid on top of bubble & squeak cakes instead of usual English muffins.

My friend went for the same except changing the filling to Portobello mushroom & spinach…


As the knife was thrusted into the bulging egg yolk, a delicious golden ooze seeped out and slowly disappeared into the warm starchy bed. It tasted absolutely divine…


My friend’s brand new Dr.Martens…


He bought a pair of 1461…

Next to us, an incredibly well-behaved Airdale terrier was lying down…


He hugged the floor quietly as his owner went through his lunch…

By the way, while England’s World Cup dream is prematurely over and done with, the Wimbledon has kicked off. Thank god! Come on Andy! Show us what you’ve got!!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

6 thoughts on “Ozone Coffee Roasters @ Leonard St EC2

  1. Lovely to tune back into your blog. I’ve been absent from the blogosphere for the last month. Loved the pics – from the food to the Airedale. And, yes, Brits around the globe will be cheering Andy on! By the way, if you’re after fabulous coffee, Melbourne is the place! Did your husband enjoy the rest of his time in OZ?

    • Hi Charlotte! I am being really slow on blogging recently and feel massively guilty about it. 😦
      Andy won another match today and he was very smily during the post match interview 😉
      I read in the paper the other day that Australia was the only country Starbucks was not doing very well and scaling down their operation due to a tough competition against local coffee places. Well done! I don’t like Starbucks coffee and hardly ever use them. London’s coffee culture is getting better all the time and the locals are more & more supportive about independent coffee joints 🙂
      Paul did enjoy his stay in Sydney. He showed me fabulous pictures of the Opera House. I was sooooooo jealous!!

  2. Hi there – I have also been very slow with my blogging but that’s because I’ve been swamped with work – tricky work at that – and have no energy left over. Plus, I’m still unpacking boxes etc. But will be back soon. Yes, Starbucks sucks doesn’t it? But so glad Paul enjoyed Sydney. By the way, what actually is your name? 🙂 Is it OK to ask?!

    • Hi Charlotte, I have finally emerged from my blog slump!
      May be to do with the recent British weather or piling too much on my plate, I had been feeling exhausted & tired. I am still doing things slowly but trying my best to shake off this unexplainable fatigue…
      Do you do Facebook? ind me “Kaori Belford in London” on Facebook if you like. 😉

      • Hello Kaori – Well done you! I know just how you feel – getting that tired and slumpy feeling. I get that sometimes too; I reckon it’s when we overdo it etc. I am on Facebook but hardly ever look at it or post as I get round to that even less than blogging. But that’s because I spend hours at my computer as a freelance writer! But might friend you anyway as I do look at it sometimes! All the best, C

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