Change Of Mood…

Before breaking my silence and recommencing my blog a few days ago, I felt like I was up against a brick wall.
It may have been something to do with the changeable weather we had around the Wimbledon time I didn’t know, but I was really tired and low on energy. As the days came and went without me not letting my thumbs dance over my iPhone screen, my guilty conscience piled up on my shoulders like invisible rubble. I felt pathetic and inept. Then last Sunday, I started to feel a little different.

Mr.B reckons it has to be due to the more generous serving of sunshine of recent days.
His solar cells are charging up while two UPS collection men are hard at work, loading up their brown van…


Yup, there are films to be watched and exhibitions to be visited. Especially, that Vivian Maier’s documentary and a new Russian art show at Tate Modern, I really look forward to. There is absolutely no time to be a zombie…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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