Making a Point..

Pointy Vans! I like them. Must try them on…

Maison Bentley Style


Vans.  Fail safe, classic and easy…but could there be room for change?


What about pointy Vans like these by Nicholas Kirkwood now viewed from above??


Sneakers with a heel and now sneakers with a point..who would’ve thought it.  But this actually feels like a rather nostalgic nod to the once must-wear pointed flats of the eighties..and it’s always nice to find a forward moving mash…

Laters, Kate x

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Enforced Seclusion…

How difficult is it to get one’s equilibrium back?
Mine has been off the hinge since the beginning of last August and still is off!
I couldn’t help shaking my head with a large sigh as I closed the door of my GP’s practice. He detected some noise in my chest, and therefore I would have to travel to a local hospital for X-ray. Looking at a piece of paper in the ziplock bag with my GP’s scribbles, I wondered how it came to this…
Ever since I have started to lead more secluded life, my immune system has definitely lowered its defence. So every time I go out, I end up bringing home an unwanted souvenir such as cold, together with cigarette smell on my clothing and hair. Last time I went out was with my teammates at Clapham just over three weeks ago. We dined at a Thai restaurant and had a drink at a nearby bar afterward. The bar was pretty crowded with loud music blaring, and therefore a fair amount of shouting was required in order to communicate with one another. Eventually, I left the place around 11 o’clock and headed home. I plonked myself down as a tube pulled away from the platform and noticed a slight tingle in my throat. Oh dear, I must have strained vocal cords while babbling away with mojito in hand.
Then, the tingle developed to a painful sore throat over the next few days and here I am, with a bl**dy chest infection!
The doctor says playing hockey is a definite no-no for the next few weeks. I am so sad…


I never knew what would pounce upon me around the corner when this pic was taken…

The sit-rep sounds all very pessimistic, doesn’t it? But all is not lost. The other side of the coin is this is a perfect time to hole up and be creative with yarn! My eyes & ears are also gorging on old British b+w movies on YouTube while my fingers are twirling around a strand of yarn.

This is how it all starts…


And this is how it ends up…


A “Matador” bolero is ready to hit the shop floor!
Why don’t you slip your arm throw it at DiGuardo, Islington?

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Apology For A Long Silence…

I was very sorry for not updating my blog at all for a very long time.
To be honest, this summer was not a happy one and I was not in the mood for blogging.
Our precious Mr.B has started taking medications because the heart murmur he was diagnosed with in 2009 has worsened significantly and the prognosis hit Hubbie & I really hard. We always knew that Mr.B would never outlive us, yet being told from his vet that the illness will shorten his life saddened us to no end. As the result, we spent most of the summer with tears & soul-searching talks.
Please don’t worry! Mr.B is still with us, very much alive & kicking. The medications has helped him a lot and he is much better. The daily routine we hammered out after some trial & error has made our live less stressful. However, one of the drugs makes him pee more often and I have been rather busy with taking him in & out of the flat around the clock.
Can’t tell you how happy I am about returning to the blogosphere! But I am not in here for indulging myself with navel-gazing nor self-pitying. Therefore, I would like you all not to ask about Mr.B’s condition. Your kindness would be much appreciated but I would not like to be reminded about the situation too often. Mr.B is here, being dependent on me 24/7 and I need to focus here & now not there & then. Hubbie & I have decided that our life goes on as usual for Mr.B’s sake.

Mr.B’s emergency pen with puppy-training sheets…


I put him in there when I have to pop out for daily errands. He seems not minding too much because he gets a tasty chew to occupy himself every time…

Anyway, we missed you all, you gorgeous bloggers!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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