Apology For A Long Silence…

I was very sorry for not updating my blog at all for a very long time.
To be honest, this summer was not a happy one and I was not in the mood for blogging.
Our precious Mr.B has started taking medications because the heart murmur he was diagnosed with in 2009 has worsened significantly and the prognosis hit Hubbie & I really hard. We always knew that Mr.B would never outlive us, yet being told from his vet that the illness will shorten his life saddened us to no end. As the result, we spent most of the summer with tears & soul-searching talks.
Please don’t worry! Mr.B is still with us, very much alive & kicking. The medications has helped him a lot and he is much better. The daily routine we hammered out after some trial & error has made our live less stressful. However, one of the drugs makes him pee more often and I have been rather busy with taking him in & out of the flat around the clock.
Can’t tell you how happy I am about returning to the blogosphere! But I am not in here for indulging myself with navel-gazing nor self-pitying. Therefore, I would like you all not to ask about Mr.B’s condition. Your kindness would be much appreciated but I would not like to be reminded about the situation too often. Mr.B is here, being dependent on me 24/7 and I need to focus here & now not there & then. Hubbie & I have decided that our life goes on as usual for Mr.B’s sake.

Mr.B’s emergency pen with puppy-training sheets…


I put him in there when I have to pop out for daily errands. He seems not minding too much because he gets a tasty chew to occupy himself every time…

Anyway, we missed you all, you gorgeous bloggers!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

14 thoughts on “Apology For A Long Silence…

  1. Glad to see you back and sorry to read you have had a distressing time. I’m sure Mr.B is taking it all in his little steps and settling into his new routine – with extra chews. I hope you can make time for some creative activity to soften the worrying.

    • Hi Agnes. Thank you for your kind message. It touched me a lot.
      Until today, I just didn’t have the courage to spell out about the matter but had been feeling guilty about abandoning my blog without explanation, therefore I feel very much relieved.
      Yes, I shall stick my hands to elbow-deep into yarns and knit, knit, knit! XXX

  2. I missed your blogs too and noticed you were not around. Great that you are back and have a new routine for dear Mr B who is clearly getting all the love, care and attention he needs. xxx

    • Hi Charlotte! Thank you for your kind message. Mr.B is doing well. He seems to be a lot more lively since he has started taking medications. As long as he is happy, I am happy too (^-^)
      Oh, I had been away from blogging for so long! And I don’t know what to write. Also, I had been spending more time at home so not much to report either (>_<:)
      Please be patient with me… XXX

      • No pressure, Kaori. I was just happy you hadn’t given up blogging for good. I can see you’ve been through the mill and sometimes blogging is the last thing we want to do. Allow yourself some space and time and when you feel in the mood to pick up the pen again, go for it. My dog is a Mr B too – Bertie – and I would find it very hard in your situation so hang on in there!! xxx

    • Hi Charlotte. I hope everything is well at your end. The weather in UK has turned definitely autum like and guess what, I’ve got a chest infection! Quite a few around me are dropping like flies with this nasty virus right now. 😱
      Mr.B is doing ok, getting a lot of kiss & cuddle. And he seems to be loving every minute of it.
      About the blog, I’ve realised that I haven’t got much to write about it since I am spending much longer time at home😅 Still, I will try harder to update it in future. So please watch this space! XXX

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