Enforced Seclusion…

How difficult is it to get one’s equilibrium back?
Mine has been off the hinge since the beginning of last August and still is off!
I couldn’t help shaking my head with a large sigh as I closed the door of my GP’s practice. He detected some noise in my chest, and therefore I would have to travel to a local hospital for X-ray. Looking at a piece of paper in the ziplock bag with my GP’s scribbles, I wondered how it came to this…
Ever since I have started to lead more secluded life, my immune system has definitely lowered its defence. So every time I go out, I end up bringing home an unwanted souvenir such as cold, together with cigarette smell on my clothing and hair. Last time I went out was with my teammates at Clapham just over three weeks ago. We dined at a Thai restaurant and had a drink at a nearby bar afterward. The bar was pretty crowded with loud music blaring, and therefore a fair amount of shouting was required in order to communicate with one another. Eventually, I left the place around 11 o’clock and headed home. I plonked myself down as a tube pulled away from the platform and noticed a slight tingle in my throat. Oh dear, I must have strained vocal cords while babbling away with mojito in hand.
Then, the tingle developed to a painful sore throat over the next few days and here I am, with a bl**dy chest infection!
The doctor says playing hockey is a definite no-no for the next few weeks. I am so sad…


I never knew what would pounce upon me around the corner when this pic was taken…

The sit-rep sounds all very pessimistic, doesn’t it? But all is not lost. The other side of the coin is this is a perfect time to hole up and be creative with yarn! My eyes & ears are also gorging on old British b+w movies on YouTube while my fingers are twirling around a strand of yarn.

This is how it all starts…


And this is how it ends up…


A “Matador” bolero is ready to hit the shop floor!
Why don’t you slip your arm throw it at DiGuardo, Islington?

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

10 thoughts on “Enforced Seclusion…

    • Thank you for your warm get-well message! The condition is improving dramatically since I’m on antibiotics. The weather has definitely turned. Let’s wrap up warm and keep nasty cold at bay!! xxx

    • Hi Jade. I was very sorry for not replying sooner. It was such a horrid time with this annoying chest infection. Finally, finally, I am getting my mojo back & have started to feel better. Let’s hope I will not have another relapse!
      Thank you for liking my Matador. By this Friday, my “Meringue” jumper will be ready for delivery, Once it is finished, I shall definitely blog about it. So watch this space! XX

    • Hi Charlotte. I don’t know how I would have killed the boredem if I couldn’t knit. I tried to do some exercise (like sit-ups & squats) but it didn’t do me any good…
      I love this bolero too! One day, I must make one for myself… XX

    • Hi Kate. I missed you too! It’s so boring to be ill. Finally, my cough & runny nose are subsiding & I have started to feel like human again. Once my health is back, I will run to doctors for flu jab!! XXX

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