iPhone 6, At Last…

As large as a piece of Ryvita! That was my first impression when a new iPhone 6 tumbled out of the box.
First of all, let me give a piece of advise to anyone who is about to open the package with an iPhone in it. Be extra careful when you are unpacking. Because the protective film on the handset is sticky and therefore the phone maybe stuck to the ceiling inside, instead of resting on a plastic tray. When I prised mine open – the casing was annoyingly snug – a handset fell out like a jumping jack and landed on the table top rather heavily. And It gave me a hell of a shock. I laughed at that Aussie guy who became a bit of joke by dropping his iPhone in front of the awaiting TV crew at the Apple Store in Perth but never imagined I could share the same near tragic predicament! So remember to open yours over some soft surfaces, such as a cushion or a rug, never never on a pavement…


In spite of being much larger than my old iPhone (4S,that is), the handset feels good in my relatively small hands. The devise is thinner and all the edges are tapered and therefore feels pleasant to grasp…


Now, about a controversial iOS 8. We’ve heard a lot of bad reviews about 8.01. Regrettably, the 8.02 is no good either. My phone no longer recognises my finger tip ID and the wifi reception can be a bit wobbly time to time. I hope Apple will sort out the glitches pretty soon…

Mr.B is just happy with his rib treat…


He doesn’t see what is all the fuss about human gadgets. He think it’s much ado about nothing…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

8 thoughts on “iPhone 6, At Last…

    • Oh I’m very sorry! When did you place your order? I put mine well before the launch day but still it took 3 weeks approx. I’m sure your handset will be with you & it will be well worth the wait. Despite the recent negative reviews, I am still very happy to use iPhone 6! 😀 X

      • Wow! I’m totally clueless that we had to place our order before its launch. Apparently they forgot to order on 23 Sept and only reordered it on 4th Oct. Looks like I won’t be getting my phone till end Oct or early Nov. Hoping that it’ll arrive before Nov as we’ll be back visiting Oxford from 10th nov! Super excited about being back in the UK though. 🙂

      • Hope you will receive the iPhone soon. The phone is really nice to use & you will love it! My mum is gonna be with me in London from today for 2 weeks. Let’s hope the weather will improve during your & her stay in UK. X

      • Yay for you! Hope you get to enjoy your time with her. It has been quite some time since you last saw her in person when you were back in Japan eh? Have fun!

      • Than you! I’m taking her around London since Mr.B can’t be left on his own for too long. I’ll blog about our london escapade, so watch this space! X

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