Mum & Scone…

‘Never had a savoury scone before!’ My mum gave a chuckle of delight as she relished early lunch consisted of a bowl of hearty soup and a chive scone at the Geffrye Museum…


Last Wednesday, I picked her up at Terminal 3, Heathrow Airport.
Rather desperately, she needed a change of the scenery so I suggested if she could come over and I would take her around London.
It is wonderful to have her around and we are chatting non-stop, giggling over a bottomless amount of tea. However, there is a lot to be desired weather-wise, we must say.
‘Mum, I wish if I were well enough to invite you during last month! Because the weather then was dry & pleasant…’
What a world of difference a mere few weeks make!! It rains or drizzles or at its best, is dull, almost every single day since the calendar has leafed over to October. It is not entirely my fault but I feel sorry for mum every time she has to brave the elements with a flimsy folding umbrella. At least, the latest forecast says the weather will be drier towards the end of this week. Let’s hope the prophecy will be fulfilled so she can enjoy some autumn sunshine…


Despite the weather, she is excited about visiting museums & galleries.
A quiet moment at the reading room of the Geffrye museum…


Tomorrow, we will be visiting Westminster Abbey…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

8 thoughts on “Mum & Scone…

    • I hadn’t seen her since last January so it is great to be able to be in the same place and do things together. Even though I Skype with her a few times a week, getting together physically can’t beat it. 💗

  1. The great thing about British weather is that it’s so changeable. You’re sure to get some blue skies whilst your mum is here. Have a wonderful time together. I wonder if she would like to visit Dennis Sever’s house? The atmosphere there is magical, especially in the evenings.

    • Thank you! We just came back from Kensington Palace. Mum is enjoying every minute of her stay even though walking around London almost every day is getting a bit too much for her. We are to visit National Galleey tomorrow for Remblant & to the Museum of Childhood on Monday. Then, she will fly back to Japan the next day. Very energetic!

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