Mum & Warplanes…

‘My god, they are HUGE!’ Mum gasped, her eyes widened as large as saucers.
We were at RAF Museum in Colindale, North London. As we sauntered around the displays, we noticed how the atmosphere was still and quiet. It felt like as if we were skirting around sleeping giants so we wouldn’t awaken them from their slumber…


It was my mum’s very first encounter with real warplanes and she was astonished by the humongous sizes of them, especially, the US & British bombers.

Mum with a Vulcan Bomber…


Mum, a Spitfire & Hurricane…


After returning to Central London, we sauntered around Covent Garden. It was a chilly afternoon so we decided to have soup noodle at Wagamama.
Mum ordered a bowl of vegetable miso ramen but she wasn’t very impressed with the taste (or the lack of it) of the broth…


As she gingerly picked up a strand of the noodle, she confessed that she would prefer a piece of buttered Hovis with a mug of PG Tips. Oh dear, I am sorry mum…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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