Mum & River Bus…

11th October
To Tate Britain for Late Turner exhibition with mum & Paul. Lunched at their cafe, sharing a table outside with two ladies from Kent – discussed about the by-election won by UKIP.
The exhibition was impressive. Saw the real painting of the raging seascape, titled “Snowstorm”, allegedly produced by Mr.Turner tying himself to the mast of a ship. Lots of watercolour sketches produced during his European trips. Fantastic works with light and abstraction. We all gushed how very much we looked forward to watching the film “Mr. Turner”.
Fancied tea & cake but found the cafe was packed and therefore, decided to move onto Tate Modern via river bus. Only after 10 minutes wait, a river bus arrived and we were all aboard. Mum enjoyed a riverside view greatly…




Then, we alighted by Glove Theatre and walked along Bankside which was choking with pedestrians.
After waiting in the queue at Tate’s ground floor cafe, we were seated at the table by the window. To accompany our latte, we ordered mango tart for mum, raspberry macaroon for me & banana cake for Paul…



Then, off to the third floor gallery for the Malevich exhibition. Enjoyed refreshingly avant-garde arts by Kazimir Malevich during the period between the post-revolution and pre-Stalin…


Came home by cab and went to the Eagle for dinner. We all tucked in their fish & chips & beer…


Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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