Mum & The Abbey (& Churchill)…

16th October
We were off to Westminster Abbey. The weather had improved from the previous day but decided to take umbrellas anyway. From Old Street to London Bridge then changed to Jubilee Line for Westminster.

Mum & Westminster tube station…


After paying for the tickets, we retrieved audio guides, a Japanese one for mum & an English for me. Despite a normal weekday, the place was busy with tourists. How much more crowded could this place be during the summer, couldn’t help wondering. Hours of queuing at the ticket office and then wriggling through the crowds to catch a glimpse of the tombs, hardly a fanciful prospect?
The audio guide was brilliant. A very thorough explanation was given at each spot. And we were even given a chance to participate in their noon prayer.

Mum at North cloister…


A stained glass window at Chapter House…


& their beautiful ceiling…


Mum with their beautifully restored painted wall…


Then, we made a beeline to the abbey’s cafe for lunch. On the menu, there was afternoon tea so opted for it. It was a usual affair – 2 scones with jam & clotted cream, 3 slices of finger sandwiches & 3 small cakes…


For someone like us who weren’t particularly sweet tooth, those pastries were more than enough and, as the result, ended up leaving a scone each on the plate intact. Upon leaving our table, a middle age women at the next table asked us if we were to ask for a doggie bag for the leftover scones. Explained to her that we had enough of baked treats for the day, and, therefore, wouldn’t want to see the sight of it for sometimes. Then she said with a huge grin, ‘Can we have them then? It’s such a shame to waste it!’ Fair enough, handed over our scones to her while a waiter looked on our transaction gingerly. It was my business alone what I did with the scones I paid for, I reasoned. After browsing the abbey’s gift shop, moved on to the Cabinet War Room exhibition on King Charles Street off Whitehall.

Mum at Parliament Square…


Amongst numerous exhibits, we saw the jacket worn by Winston Churchill himself which sported a noticeably wide girth. He must have been a portly man, we giggled. Upon emerging from the underground bunker, noticed the rain was stopped finally and we made our way home. At Old Street station concourse, we bought pies & salad for dinner…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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