Mum & Greenwich…

17th October
Off to Greenwich. Before catching DLR at Bank, we dropped by Bank of England in order to sort out her out of circulation £50 notes. At the counter, she was requested to produce two kinds of identification with her home address. However, she only brought with her a passport. Her driving licence was left at home as she was worried about misplacing it. Upon finding out that no further form of identification could not be produced by mum, a young clerk shrugged his shoulders and left his desk to ask his superior if it was ok to process her application. After a brief chat with his boss, he returned with a smile and informed us that he would change the notes to current ones. Went without saying that mum & I greeted the news with a large sigh of relief. As we waited at the sofa in the middle, discussed how incredibly young the clerk who dealt with us. He looked barely old enough to be out of high school! Was he really young or had the portrait up in the attic? A silly thought.
After tidying up the business at Bank of England, headed to Greenwich via DLR. It was already noon when we arrived at Greenwich town centre. Decided to have lunch before it got crowded so opted for Jamie’s on Nelson Road.

Mum ordered pasta with fish ragu…


And I had salad, Market Superfood Salad – avocado, fennel, beets, broccoli, cottage cheese, pomegranate, nuts & seeds. I also added free-range grilled chicken…


A huge chicken breast was hiding underneath the salad. Mum’s eyes went wide as large as saucers when she saw the size of the salad. It was because eating salad as main dish in Japan was still uncommon.
After lunch, we headed to Royal Observatory. Walked through Greenwich Park and climbed up the hill. As it got nearer to the top, the path started to ascend more steeply and I was concerned if it was too much for mum’s knees. Had a breather and took a photo of her and Greenwich Palace in the distance…


At the observatory, saw a room in which Samuel Pepys & Isaac Newton dined.
There were also numerous grandfather clocks on the display. A symbol of the progress of nautical navigation. Very impressive….


Mum with Prime meridian…



Then off to National Maritime Museum.
On the way to the museum, we encountered Mr.Squirrel at Greenwich Park…


Mum was delighted because she hardly saw any squirrel in wild in Japan.

The National Maritime Museum was enormous in size and the amount of exhibits…


And every one of items on display was accompanied by a very through explanation. The exhibition we enjoyed the most was “Ships, Clocks & Stars”. It was about the 18th century quest to solve the longitude problem. Very clever presentations captivated our attention throughout. Highly recommendable.
It was a shame that we couldn’t make it to Cutty Sark as the last entry to the venue was 4:30pm. The gift shop was still open and we could have a good view of the ship’s keel from there so took another snap of mum as well as from the outside.
At Old Street, we bought another pies & salad for dinner and walked home. Mum was especially tired because of we were on foot all afternoon…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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