The Season To Be A Porker

Apart from our feathers being slightly ruffled on Christmas Eve by my evil brother-in-law, our end-of-year holiday has been calm, happy and full. We watch films, drink endless cups of tea during the day with mince pies, biscuits and cakes, read books or do nothing while Mr.B snuggling up to us and end our evening with a glass of port with cheese.

The weather in London during the Christmas period has been icy, and therefore, we have been staying inside the flat, and as the result, we are eating a lot.
This is one of our favourite snacks, crumbly & creamy Wensleydale with cranberries stuffed in dates…


Oven roasted vegetables to accompany lamb on Christmas Day. I loved the colours…


Devoured two boxes of mince pies in one & half day. Mr.B’s disapproving expression said it all…


Stuffed my face with the mince pie while reading the newspaper Hubbie bought at a nearby corner shop…


Apparently, this kingfisher was nicknamed as Kevin by local residents. But why Kevin? Why not John or Mark or Paul? By the way, there is an aftershave named Kevin in Turkey. So Kevin sounds handsome or attractive?

Mr.B always loves to spread himself over the page I am reading. You, little devil…


He says it is insane to subject oneself to a torture such as plunging into the icy cold Serpentine in Hyde Park on Christmas Day. Well, I can’t agree with you more…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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