Double Dose Of Bitter Medicine…

Or a lack of it, to be precise.
Do you remember I had an infection in my left eye just before the Christmas? After hanging around in Moorfields Eye Hospital’s A&E for four hours, I was given two eye drops and sent home.
At home, I unpacked the eye drops and started to administer both of them in my eye four times a day as instructed. Then last weekend, I had run out of them even though I was still at a half way point of the treatment. Didn’t the pharmacist at the hospital tell me that I should contact my GP in case of a repeat prescription? So I walked to the GP and asked a receptionist what I should do. She duly produced a request form and instructed me to fill my personal details and the name of the eye drop I required. Alrighty, I pulled out the original prescription scribbled by the doctor and studied it closely in order not to misspell the name of the medication. Hmmm…??? Why is there only one name on the paper? I was given two eye drops, wasn’t I? Then, my eureka moment arrived like a thunderclap. Have I been taking a double dose?! It may sound like some lame excuse but I had a similar ailment two years ago and they gave me two different eye drops then, and therefore, I assumed it would be the same this time around too. Ahhhhh!
The receptionist listened to my babbling as she took the paper away and informed me that the prescription would take two days.

The only remedy which can soothe my fallen crest is a bowl of spicy pumpkin soup at the Book Cafe, Bloomsbury…


I want to bury my head in the sand. So ashamed…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Bye Bye Strawberry HQ…

Finally, we admitted that the Mr.B’s primal seat, aka the Strawberry HQ, had had its day. It had been a part of the landscape in our flat for more than nine years, and therefore, it would be hard to imagine a life without it but the ‘strawberry’ definitely passed its sold by date. The sights of Mr.B in there, mingling with his toys, poking his head out in order to suss out what we were up to and also evicting his roommates at whim, delighted us everyday. He just looked mega-cute in his giant strawberry.
However, the way Mr.B leaned and snuggled up against the interior wall for countless times took a heavy toll on the den. The structure was warped and the top of the strawberry started to dip, resembling a rotten fruit…


Gradually, the entrance became more like a slit as the whole thing started to droop forward and it made very awkward for Mr.B to pass through. ‘We’ve got to get him an alternative’, Hubbie and I nodded as we saw him clambering into the nest with an effort.
We also wanted a new HQ’s design to be a easier one for us to pluck Mr.B when he was not in a very co-operative mood.

Voilà, a new HQ for Mr.B…


A wide opening allows Mr.B a panoramic view as well as the sill provides a perfect place for his chin to rest. And most importantly, the design gives us a much easier access to Mr.B physically!

‘You took a large slice of my independence as well as my roof!’


Our little plot aside, he seems to be satisfied with a new pad and that is what it all matters…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Ice Queen x

My friend & a star blogger, Kate, her gorgeous children and handsome husband came to see me at last Sunday’s game…

Maison Bentley Style


Bella with her best-bud…on Sunday we took them to Streatham ice rink (where both girls have lessons) to see my lovely, multi-talented  friend Kaori Okumura from the Blog, Twist and Turn  play in an ice hockey match with her team, Storm..


Spotting Kaori on the ice..


It’s a fast and furious game relying on skill and courage..and lots of padding..


In contrast, Kaori is tiny, delicate and an artisan knitter by trade, producing the most beautiful garments..with her fingers! No needles! An oxymoron in living flesh..


Bella was equally surprised and impressed! Wow!

Laters, Kate x

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Discord In The Omelette…

Three eggs omelette and salad at Shepherdess the greasy spoon is one of my weekend staples.
My No.1 favourite filling is cheese and eight out of ten times, I order the omelette and eat it with brown sauce.
By the way, my Hubbie is truly a creature of habit when it comes to ordering his breakfast / brunch / lunch at the Shepherdess. ‘Two fried eggs on two brown toasts and some cooked tomato, please!’ Sometimes, a waitress with a small pad and a pen in her hands asks him if he wants the usual so he doesn’t have to recite what should be on his plate. ‘Isn’t variety a spice of life?’ I tease him every time but he never heeds my suggestion.

Mmmm…, I fancy other than cheese in my omelette, I thought one Saturday morning as my index finger scrolled down the menu. Then, my wandering eye locked on the word “Greek Omelette”. Being intrigued, I asked a passing waitress, ‘What is Greek Omelette like?’ She replied it had olives and feta cheese filling. Sounded interesting so I gave it a try…


How did I find it?
Meh, it was not as great as I expected. The flavour of the chopped olives in the omelette was a little too overpowering and the tanginess of the brine in where the olives were kept was very present in the egg mixture which I found a bit off-putting.
However, all was not lost for this dish. I found an omelette with morsels of feta cheese was quite a winning combination. The sharpness of feta cheese was softened by the egg and the saltiness added by it made the omelette enjoyable to eat without any additional sauce or seasonings.
‘I shall order it without olives next time!’ I declared cheerfully as my fork excavated olives which were embedded in the omelette. Hubbie, our in-house food conservative, looked at my plate warily and said ‘I knew it wouldn’t be good’.
Well, I would rather choose to be daring than a food bore (like him). Life is too short to be timid, don’t you agree?

Kaori by Kaori Okumura


Martin the electrician’s assistant brought a replacement extractor for one of my loos which was out of action for sometimes and I was overjoyed. However, the initial euphoria was quickly extinguished as I found the new unit remained silent. ‘Well, it must be to do with a transformer then’. He sighed as he climbed down the ladder. There was nothing we could do other than commiserating each other. He promised he would come back with appropriate parts ASAP and off he went. Bah!

Then I was off to West End to run a few errands. A light shower came down but it did not last very long….


The blueness of the cloud-free sky against the redness of the brick walls along South Molton Street.

Then I grabbed a quick lunch at Benugo on Hanover Street. In my opinion, Benugo serves the only flat white worth paying money for amongst all the fast-food outlets in London.
Inside the deli counter, a guy was carving a great looking chunk of roasted pork belly and I was smitten…


The hunk was juicy and the fat melted on my tongue like butter. The apple sauce enhanced the flavour without being too tangy.
A perfect fuel stop for an increasingly wintery afternoon!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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