Feeling Most Portly…

2015 has arrived after a raucous firework display, which scared the hell out of poor Mr.B, and I feel most definitely portly this gloomy grey wintery morning.
All those indulgence passed through my lips during the festive season definitely have taken up permanent residences here and there around my body! Eek!! How am I gonna do with this emerging muffin top? Well, I have a strategy – eating less & exercising more. And I must stick to it so my face won’t change into a muffin. Ahh…

These following exhibits were some of the sins consumed since last week.
A crazy cute Battenberg from Albion with my new headphones before disappearing into oblivion…


And another banana & walnut cake with my copy of Magnum Contact Sheet…


A gigantic chicken escalope with salad in a bap which was ordered at Shepherdess the greasy spoon. I did order it with salad, not with cheese. A small brownie points to be noted…



A pan full of homemade meatballs pasta. Mmmmm…


This murky concoction in the pot was actually lamb stew which I decided to make on impulse in order to keep my sleepiness at bay yesterday afternoon…


I felt so sluggish and would have succumbed to the temptation of stretching out on a sofa for a leisurely nap. However, there would always be a risk of a short nap turning into a serious slumber and it would sap my will to go out in the evening. I was invited to my neighbour’s party and it would be a mighty shame if I missed it.
As I peeled and chopped carrots, celeries, onions, leeks and parsnips, the smells released from freshly prepared vegetables did help me to perk up.

Look, what I saw at my friend’s New Years’s do…


Isn’t her headdress fabulous?

And at last, my belated greeting.
A happy new year to everyone! Wish 2015 to be happier, more successful and prosperous for all of us!! XXX

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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