Consciously Resting…

Yes, we are. But not for the resumption of normal working days from tomorrow but because of the head cold we picked up from somewhere and somehow during our post-Christmas excursions. Oh dear…

During the holiday, we weren’t holed up in the comfort of our den all the time. Even though Hubbie was taking everything very easy because of the hellish working schedule he had to endure prior to the Christmas time-off, we started to get a bit bored with the Christmas TV and slobbing around in pyjamas. Plus, the post-Christmas weather, except the one on the Boxing Day, was exceptional.
Almost every single day up to the New Year’s Eve was blessed with the gorgeous winter sunshine and a pale-blue sky fanned out above us was without a shred of cloud of any sort. And my usual deal-breaker, gusty wind, was utterly absent. So what more one could want for a perfect day out, we asked.

Last Sunday, we went to see “Conflict Time Photography” at Tate Modern…


In my opinion, the exhibition was ok but not great. I found some of the works were poignant and educational, however at the same time, also too clinical and monosyllabic.

We were hoping to have late lunch at the gallery but all the eateries within were overflowing with the people with the same idea. So we decided to have a quick look at the bookstore and to find somewhere nearby to eat.

Hmm, this title interests me…


Ever since I saw the original shark at Mr.Saatchi’s gallery on Boundary Road, Swiss Cottage, a money making mechanism of contemporary art in general really intrigued me. Hopefully, this book will decipher it for me.

At Albion, we were led to a cozy table by the window.
A patten on my latte reminded me the piece from the Matisse’s Cut Outs Exhibition…


And I had a plate of kedgeree with boiled eggs on top…


The hue of the kedgeree was as bright and vibrant as a sunflower glowing in the summer sunshine and it made me very happy indeed.

Then came Monday, we were out again into the bright but also very chilly outside for lunch at Rules in Covent Garden.
The Christmas decoration at the restaurant was very pretty, red and green throughout. By the entrance, there was a portrait of Winston Churchill with rows of medallions of some sort…


We took our coats by the fireplace and ushered to the first floor dining room.
In the upstairs, there was another fireplace and facing it was a fully loaded bar…


And we sipped a tall glass of Campari orange and nibbled on curry flavoured nuts while waiting for our lunch.

Voilà, our roast beef!


We skipped starters because we knew the serving of the roast beef would be enormous. And also the dish was accompanied by Gratin Dauphinois. Therefore, If we didn’t square up to it with an ample room in our stomach, the good beef would most likely to be wasted.

Let’s tuck in…


The roast beef was perfectly cooked and the Yorkshire pudding was buttery and light. However, in my god honest opinion, their side salad was sadly not. It was consisted of strangely limp Chinese cabbage and very little lettuce. Didn’t they receive any grocery delivery because of the Christmas holiday?! It didn’t meet the standard I expected from Rules.
After a cup of very well made cappuccino, we left the restaurant and walked to Charing Cross Road. A walk in a crisp winter air definitely helped our digestion.

Oh, I can’t believe our Christmas holiday is over! So sad that I will have to de-Christmas my windowsill…


Bye bye 2014 & hello 2015…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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