BOBO Social @ Charlotte St W1

Ugh, I am sporting a huge zit on my face right now and the location is so awkward!
A bump the size of a peppercorn is sitting between my left upper lip and my nose. The spot is one of those really angry looking kinds and sooooo visible. I try to hide it by applying extra layers of mineral foundation but the bulge is impossible to disguise. Putting back a concealer brush in my make-up box and I sigh ‘The same mistake every bl**dy year!’ This ugly zit is the result of scoffing too many chocolate truffles during the Christmas holiday. Yes, I do it every year without fail and as the result, I end up coming face to face with the predicament in the mirror. I hope I will remember this while I’m shopping for food next Christmas so comes next January, I will be less embarrassed…

Do you remember the public uproar a few summers ago which was caused by George Osborne the Chancellor by ordering a burger from Byron rather than opting for a quarter pounder from McDonald’s while he was working on the budget? Since then, a posh burger craze in London is still going strong and new artisan burger joints keep on sprouting here and there around Central London. And BOBO Social on Charlotte Street is one of them…


This smart burger bar is a stone’s throw from Hubbie’s office and it is rather a handy place to resort if he and I are at loggerheads over what to eat, for example, between fish & chips and sushi.

The interior of the dining room is done in shabby chic style…


While the mainstream upmarket burger restaurants tend to deck themselves out in masculine decor – dark wood panelling, soft furnishing in navy or British racing green and sports memorabilia, BOBO Social spruces itself up with clean white walls, light wood table tops and soft dove-grey cushions.

Being true to their principles, BOBO Social’s menu offers burgers only…


Hubbie was tempted by Peanut Butter and I was attracted by Capsicum. ‘Do you think it is too naughty?’ ‘Will it be too spicy for me?’ We asked to each other. In the end, we came to our senses and opted for Bobo with a fried egg for Hubbie and with jalapeño for me…



For sides, we ordered sweet potato chips with truffle salt and apple slaw with toasted pumpkin seeds…



Their sweet potato chips is our all-time favourite. The sweetness of the spud is perfectly enhanced by deliciously scented salt crystals.

Apparently, BOBO Social holds an experimental burger creation session every Monday evening. If you fancy having your hands deliciously dirty with exotic minces while sipping on cocktails, this place is where you should be. I would be happily shaping a burger patty if I didn’t have a hockey practice on Monday evening…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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