Martin the electrician’s assistant brought a replacement extractor for one of my loos which was out of action for sometimes and I was overjoyed. However, the initial euphoria was quickly extinguished as I found the new unit remained silent. ‘Well, it must be to do with a transformer then’. He sighed as he climbed down the ladder. There was nothing we could do other than commiserating each other. He promised he would come back with appropriate parts ASAP and off he went. Bah!

Then I was off to West End to run a few errands. A light shower came down but it did not last very long….


The blueness of the cloud-free sky against the redness of the brick walls along South Molton Street.

Then I grabbed a quick lunch at Benugo on Hanover Street. In my opinion, Benugo serves the only flat white worth paying money for amongst all the fast-food outlets in London.
Inside the deli counter, a guy was carving a great looking chunk of roasted pork belly and I was smitten…


The hunk was juicy and the fat melted on my tongue like butter. The apple sauce enhanced the flavour without being too tangy.
A perfect fuel stop for an increasingly wintery afternoon!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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