Bye Bye Strawberry HQ…

Finally, we admitted that the Mr.B’s primal seat, aka the Strawberry HQ, had had its day. It had been a part of the landscape in our flat for more than nine years, and therefore, it would be hard to imagine a life without it but the ‘strawberry’ definitely passed its sold by date. The sights of Mr.B in there, mingling with his toys, poking his head out in order to suss out what we were up to and also evicting his roommates at whim, delighted us everyday. He just looked mega-cute in his giant strawberry.
However, the way Mr.B leaned and snuggled up against the interior wall for countless times took a heavy toll on the den. The structure was warped and the top of the strawberry started to dip, resembling a rotten fruit…


Gradually, the entrance became more like a slit as the whole thing started to droop forward and it made very awkward for Mr.B to pass through. ‘We’ve got to get him an alternative’, Hubbie and I nodded as we saw him clambering into the nest with an effort.
We also wanted a new HQ’s design to be a easier one for us to pluck Mr.B when he was not in a very co-operative mood.

Voilà, a new HQ for Mr.B…


A wide opening allows Mr.B a panoramic view as well as the sill provides a perfect place for his chin to rest. And most importantly, the design gives us a much easier access to Mr.B physically!

‘You took a large slice of my independence as well as my roof!’


Our little plot aside, he seems to be satisfied with a new pad and that is what it all matters…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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