Double Dose Of Bitter Medicine…

Or a lack of it, to be precise.
Do you remember I had an infection in my left eye just before the Christmas? After hanging around in Moorfields Eye Hospital’s A&E for four hours, I was given two eye drops and sent home.
At home, I unpacked the eye drops and started to administer both of them in my eye four times a day as instructed. Then last weekend, I had run out of them even though I was still at a half way point of the treatment. Didn’t the pharmacist at the hospital tell me that I should contact my GP in case of a repeat prescription? So I walked to the GP and asked a receptionist what I should do. She duly produced a request form and instructed me to fill my personal details and the name of the eye drop I required. Alrighty, I pulled out the original prescription scribbled by the doctor and studied it closely in order not to misspell the name of the medication. Hmmm…??? Why is there only one name on the paper? I was given two eye drops, wasn’t I? Then, my eureka moment arrived like a thunderclap. Have I been taking a double dose?! It may sound like some lame excuse but I had a similar ailment two years ago and they gave me two different eye drops then, and therefore, I assumed it would be the same this time around too. Ahhhhh!
The receptionist listened to my babbling as she took the paper away and informed me that the prescription would take two days.

The only remedy which can soothe my fallen crest is a bowl of spicy pumpkin soup at the Book Cafe, Bloomsbury…


I want to bury my head in the sand. So ashamed…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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