T.G.I Friday (so I wish)…

Ughhhhh, where the he** is my plumber?! He told me that he would be here at 1pm and then, phoned me it was gonna be 5pm. Now, it’s 5:30 and no sign of him. Is he coming today or do we have to rearrange the date for sometime next week? Oh, how much I loathe having to rely on someone who is so clearly unreliable!

Mr.B, the epitome of equilibrium…


Sometimes, I just wish if my mind could be so simple, pure & unruffled like his.

Then, Hubbie came home with a handyman…


Godfrey the gingerbread man.
He wouldn’t fix any loo but would definitely pump up my deflated moral…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

8 thoughts on “T.G.I Friday (so I wish)…

  1. I called the plumber this week too. The answe was: no this week is not good. Maybe next week… So I ask will you call next week? Answer: well if I don’t call, than I just forgot. Lovely, so I say: Ok I will call again next week…..Meanwhile the paint on the wall keeps falling off because the waterpipes he installed are probably leaking….It is at this times I wish I could just do everything myself: plumbing, accounting etc … 🙂

    • Oh no, it sounds worse. I guess plumbers tend to overbook themselves or are not good at estimating the time to complete each job. Mine seems to be the latter case and he annoys me a lot. Let’s hope they will soon realise that they won’t get paid until they find the job PROPERLY. In the meantime, I shall keep calm & carry on (which is not easy sometimes…)

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