Rowan The Cheapskate…

During a Mr.B’s wee patrol this morning, I encountered an odd sight.
A pair of blue jeans in a children’s size was resting on one of the windowsills of our apartment building as someone tossed it up casually but also purposefully.
In about 30 yards away, there was a street bin by the bus shelter, and therefore, there was an option for a more civilised way to dispose the unwanted article. However, whoever it was decided to act otherwise for God knows whatever the reason. Is this a new obscure sign between urban gangs /cults in communicating with one another? Or the result of a frustrated parent’s moment of madness as she or he (or both) “lost” it and flung the pair out of the car and it ended up landing on the windowsill? In either way, a poor child somewhere went pants-less for a while and now the sight of an abandoned garment in this peculiar style perplexes passers-by and our cleaning staffs…
Hubbie is in India right now, taking photos of the life in various slums of New Delhi with his client who runs the charity, Water Aid.
A heap of emergency food supplies packed in the suitcase as he is not keen on spicy foods…
He dropped me a short line this morning, saying how depressing to witness the inhabitants who have to endure challenging circumstance on a daily basis. His email makes me feel extremely fortunate to be born and raised in a society where clean running water and decent sanitation are prerequisite. I hope the images he captures will help to highlight the plight of the slum-dwelling people and improve the conditions so far they have to endure.
In Hubbie’s absence, I am mainly at home and keeping my fingers busy with working on samples for A/W 2015 & 2016.
Ever since Rowan decided to discontinue their lovely Big Wool Drift, I was looking for a similar multicolour yarn and when I saw Big Wool Colour, I thought the solution had been found…
However, my expectation evaporated as soon as I started to work with it.
Rowan, how could you name this yarn, which is just a bad imitator of the namesake, as “Big Wool Colour”? My point of contention is the way the yarn is produced. Instead of plying multiple strands of fleece, this yarn has a spine – a black thread – around which fleeces are wrapped around…
They are so loosely wound around the spine and fragile which in return makes a yarn really pain in the a** to handle. It can stuck between stitches because the yarn has weird humps. The strand also doesn’t have any give and bounce like conventionally produced yarns as the thread in the middle has no elasticity. I never encountered any yarn which was this troublesome until I used Big Wool Colour.
I was cursing all the way while I was making a gilet…
The people of Rowan, you are cheapskate. You might have thought that you invented a brilliant way to recycle left over fleece on your factory floor by gathering them and twining them to a strand and selling on the concoction as a new range. True knitters will soon find the yarn unpleasant and time-wasting to work with and swear never to touch it again. And you charge it the same price as Big Wool?
Should be ashamed, Rowan. I am very much indignant…

2 thoughts on “Rowan The Cheapskate…

    • No, Kate. The jeans (now on the pavement, last time I saw) appeared to be for under 3yrs old. You are not gonna dress your lovely children in a discarded street-found clothing, are you?! About the yarn, it drove me mad! I am still left with 5.5 balls and I’m not sure what to do with them…😓

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