Must snap out of it…

In another spell of lazy blogger syndrome!

One of the reasons was me being a bit too tired to do anything other than absolute essentials, such as knitting, housekeeping, cooking, exercising & running errands. By the end of day, I felt just exhausted. Instead of making my thumbs dance over an iPhone screen, I just wanted to curl up in bed and to pass out. 

Another reason was due to a Hubbie’s crazy travelling spell. He was in India for 10 days and it was followed by 5 days in Spain. After a brief return to UK, he flew out to NYC twice! As the consequence, I ended up staying at home alone with Mr.B most of the time and had nothing deemed worthy of reporting in the blog.

Anyway, I shall amend my present passive way. I do know writing blog is good for me – it makes me engage with things which otherwise whizz past over my head. After all, they manage to grab my attention one way or another and it must mean something…


Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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