Remedy 4 Headache…

Out of the blue, my iPhone chimed and I saw notification messages informing someone liked my blog posts. How long have I been abstaining from Twist & Turn? OMG, more than three month!! I left it high and dry on a sandbank…

This morning, I woke up with a very thick head and a bone dry throat. ‘You need some caffeine. Drink up your tea. QUICK!’, Hubbie pointed a mug of non-decaf tea I just made for myself. Oh well, it seems my attempt to lead a complete caffeine-free life has failed after one week of struggle. All those symptoms – a thick head, tiredness, achy joints & etc, were they due to the lack of caffeine in my system? Or the cold I was having since last Monday? I have no way to be certain but I just don’t enjoying the condition I am in right now. Surely, a mug of normal tea a day and an occasional cup of flat white when I am out in town won’t do too much harm, will it? Let’s see if a controlled amount of the stimulant will alleviate my state…

Another source of my headache is my old fridge. The fridge seems to be on its last leg and starts to produce a mound of ice in a channel which is designed to drain away droplets made by condensation. The rise of ambient temperature has quicken the pace of the ice formation and as the result, the fridge has to be turned off every week so I can remove the blockage from the channel and stop the overflow to minimum. This practice, however, has an adverse effect. I CAN’T STOCK UP FOOD!! Came last Saturday, we peered into the fridge and sighed, ‘We can’t go on like this’.

Spending Saturday in the West End was not our ideal weekend excursion. But there we were, wandering between rows of domestic appliances in John Lewis Oxford Street, waiting our turn to be served. ‘Let’s hope they stock what we are looking for’, Hubbie’s concern was perfectly valid because our built-in fridge-freezer was quite old (nearly 13 years old) and the space in where the replacement would be installed was very limited…

It turned out that the staff who dealt with us was not perticularly knowledgeable about the brand and the model we were after. After leafing through a catalogue, she made a few photocopies and attached scribbles so we could order the unit online. After all that idle waiting, do we have to shop it online?! We don’t think so.

At home, we measured and re-measured the existing fridge and compared the dimensions with each model on the manufacturer’s website in order to find the closest one. Then, we also found NEFF authorised dealers in our neighbourhood through their database. ‘I’m gonna pay a visit to the one on Bethnal Green Road!’, I informed Hubbie cheerfully. Oh, the idea of having a reliable fridge in which I can actually fill it up with fresh food made me so happy!

The visit to the showroom this afternoon was much more promising than the one with John Lewis. The staff there assured me that they could deliver and install the new unit with little difficulties. Even though my past experiences of dealing with their sort of business made me take the staff’s confidence with a pinch of salt, I walked out of the showroom with some sense of optimism.

It was a busy day and I forgot to eat my lunch!

I stumbled into Barber and Parlour on Redchurch Street and had almond croissant and skinny latte. Oh, it tasted so good…

On my way home, I noticed the headache I had this morning seemed to have left. Was this to do with the shot of caffeine I just had?

Loved the tins displayed in the windows at Albion…

Now, I am gonna measure the freezer unit door so they can advice me which unit will be bang on the mark! Fingers crossed…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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