A quick update…

So this is a list of the things happened on me While I had absented myself from blogging.

1. Mysterious water leaks originated from our apartment which made the office people downstair very cross. 

2. Bought a new car because our VW turned out to be the one with an illegal chip which would cheat a diesel emission test! 

3. Our boiler finally packed in and as the result, we endured a very cold one month with a tiny electric heater.

4. Had a few ailments. The beginning was Hubbie bringing home a bacterial bronchitis from the industry do he attended and passed it on to me. While I was on a course of antibiotics, I picked up another flu from my friend when we went out for her hen night.

5. Mr.B’s heart murmur developed a little further. The dosage of his medication was increased which made me sad but his condition  was stabilised so it’s all good.

Life is not always plain sailing but we are weathering it ok. A few bumps are welcome as long as they brings us closer as a family…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

7 thoughts on “A quick update…

  1. Pleased to read you’re back. Unfortunate events always seem to come in clusters – that’s the statistical bad, bad genie!!!! Glad Mr. B is doing well on his meds.

    • Hi there! Thank you for not forgetting me. Yes, bitter medicine never comes in small doses, does it? Still, the Spring is finally here and I am truly feeling positive. Mr.B is doing ok. Wish if we could cure his heart problem. Still, he seems to be very happy & content. So I am ok too😊

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