Hello there!

I hope you don’t categorise me as a sad tech slave if I confess that the first object I reach for as soon as I open my eyes every morning is, not Mr.B nor Hubbie, but my iPhone 6 on my bedside table. I just like to spend 10 minutes or so under my warm duvet checking a few apps while my own system is still booting up.

This morning, I picked up my phone as usual and saw more than a few alerts from WordPress on the screen. Some people liked my posts in my old blog, Twist & Turn?! The blog title sounded so familiar, like bumping into an old friend, but also very ancient because the last entry was uploaded during last October. Wow, has 6 months passed since then already?

What happened since then was, I moved on to a new blog but didn’t like the new platform and ended up abandoning it altogether.

The alerts I received this morning made me suddenly realise how much I missed blogging and the importance of me reaching out to the world out there. Through my blog, I met, virtually and physically, more than a few very interesting people and learnt probably a lot deeper about each subject I was trying to write. The whole process was very rewarding. How could I forget about it?

As soon as I was out of the bed, I upgraded the blog to Premium. Hope everyone I met through the blog still remember about me?…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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