Scottish Dancing 

I was sitting in a dining room of the B&B in Monmouth, Wales, feeling slightly dazed and very hungry. My elbows and knees ached a bit and my throat felt dry and strained. Oh dear, it must have been from the merriment of last night’s wedding, I reflected as I sipped my tea. What a night it was…

 A gang of my friends and I were celebrating our friends’ nuptials in Lydart and we danced, laughed, chatted and played Wii till it was well after midnight. They were all great fun but the most memorable was the dance. The bride and her family being the Scots, it was all Scottish dancing and the man in charge of entertainment introduced us to this amazing but also physically demanding activity. We the guests were herded up and being told to skip in a circle, to change directions, to hold hands, to link elbows and spin, to clap, etc etc… The tempo was fast and the hall was packed. And inevitably, we bumped into each other but it didn’t matter. The atmosphere was euphoric and jubilant. And after each dance, we all found ourselves slightly sweaty and panting rather heavily, and congratulating each other for surviving it without bruising toes! 

A welcoming sight of my full English breakfast. I was starving…

I stayed in Bistro Prego on Church Street. 

The B&B had a very comfortable bed which helped me to recover from the dancing fatigue.

Monmouth is best known as the birthplace of Henry V…

I found it was more than serendipity that being happened to stay in the birthplace of the king who was immortalised by Shakespeare’s play  during this particular year of the playwright’s 400th anniversary since his death. The connections between the past and the present are always more tangible if we care to look for them…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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