What goes around comes around

It is a lot easier to bear a sound of banging if I were the one who were wielding the hammer. The pounding feels like repeated blows on my skull and wearing me down like a plant pelted by hailstones. Mr.B is also unnerved by the loudness of the noise and clutching onto my knee like he is hanging on to a piece of floating timber after being shipwrecked…

The noise is created by a team of builders who are finally turned up at my doorstep early this morning to mend a leaky waste pipe and to lay a brand new waterproof floor. The existing shower room has been a source of our headache for years. It leaked intermittently and as the result, we stopped using it altogether. Since we have another bathroom, it is not the end of the world but the leak to the office below still continued and we have to come to our decision that the floor has to be redone.

A horror we discovered when the floor was lifted…

The original floor laid by a very dishonest plumber. To my horror and indignation, we discovered my so-called waterproof floor was consisted of just two layers of tiles on chip board. He didn’t use any of the specialist materials we paid for, and instead, he appeared to be recycling old junk from another job. The worst was still to come though. The tiles had been laid on some fibre board which could be asbestos! The builders called in a specialist and he took away a small piece for a close analysis at his lab. Whatever it is turned out to be, we will have to deal with it and move forward. However, I am so pissed off from the beginning of week and that is not a good thing…

Guess what I found when I came back from Monmouth yesterday. 

A leak from the flat above. It is not dripping very fast, a drop every three minutes or less? Still, it hasn’t stopped and my floor is marked by it already.

Oh well, the thing which comes around also goes around. Therefore, just have to be philosophical and get over it, I guess…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

2 thoughts on “What goes around comes around

    • Thank you! The piece which was analysed turned out not to be asbestos. The work can commence from tomorrow again and I’m relieved. Let’s hope the job will finish without hitch😊

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