Coming down hard…

The piece of the panel, which was taken away for a close analysis yesterday, turned out to be not asbestos. You can imagine how relieved we all were when the call came from the lab. Even though the work had to be suspended for half day, the builders came back in earnest this morning and has started to chip away the existing tiles with a power saw. Let’s hope they can make a good progress today. 

I wish if I could say all is good but the water leak from upstairs is getting worse. Lines of droplets are formed along the seams of the plasterboards on my ceiling as well as an exposed steel beam and they are coming down at a quick pace. My stock of buckets and pans is rapidly depleting and the sound of pit-a-pat from multiple direction is driving me crazy!

Unfortunately, the owner of the flat lives abroad and her tenants seem to be away as their mails are uncollected for days. Someone will have to go in and stop the leak by the end of today as the area is expanding by the minute. Otherwise, I will have to stay up all night tonight, looking up the ceiling.

Ugh, bitter medicine never comes in small doses…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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