I hate water…

The leak yesterday was finally stopped by an emergency plumber and it ended our 4 day’s long ordeal. The plumber reported that the water supply to the upstair’s loo was the cause of the leak and in spite of dripping slowly, it ended up saturated the concrete slab completely because it was left without a remedial work for so long.

I am so happy that I am no longer tormented by that pit-a-pat. However, the incident has left me with damages on parts of the ceiling and the floor.

Hello comet! This is one of the marks left by the splashes… 

I have a seamless black rubber floor throughout the property except the bathrooms. And the surface of the flooring is laid with non-slip wax as untreated rubber floor is too slippery for Mr.B to walk on. One drawback of this treatment is, the wax reacts to surface water and it turns to unappealing shade of murky grey if the water is not mopped up in time. Over the period of yesterday’s leak, too many splashes, which caused by the droplets travelling down from the 3.5m high ceiling to the buckets below and hitting the bottoms hard, were allowed to dry by themselves. As the result, my black floor resembles an image of galaxies with speckly constellations, each indicating the position of the buckets and pots placed under the drips.

Fortunately, the damage to the floor is not permanent as the wax can be stripped and laid over again. However, this process has to be done by a professional cleaning firm with specialised machinery.  And for this, all the firnitures have to be removed and the apartment will be unaccessible until the wax is completely dry which can take up to 2 days! Ugh, I just don’t want to think about it right now. I wish if I could hibernate and wake up when all the troubles are over and gone…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

5 thoughts on “I hate water…

  1. So glad you’ve got the leaks stopped, but what a BIG nuisance sorting it all out. It’s the downside of living in apartments, isn’t it? We used to live on the top floor of a mansion block and when the roof leaked we had to wait until the porter/committee/porter dealt with it. It never seemed to be a priority to get the roof properly renovated because it only affected the top floor flats and that was just 10 of us out of a total of 100 flats. City living! 😐

    • Agreed 100%! We had never been this often rained under when we were living on the top floor of a normal terrace house. Our building is one of those factory conversions and some of the services (including mine) are not well thought out. There is no malice behind this incident and I just have to deal with it. Still the headache it has created is hard to ignore as the stains are there to remind me the tasks ahead. Thank you for your sympathy. It means a lot 😊x

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