The Costume Studio N1

One afternoon, I was walking down Balls Pond Road and came across a building with enticing window displays. Also, a company sign “COSTUME STUDIO” was blazed across the facade. 

‘What are they?’ I was mightily intrigued…

I crossed the street and pressed their buzzer. A door latch was released and I was in their hallway…

A celemonial cape with ermine? What kind of place is this??

A man at the reception explained to me that their business was to lend costume to film makers. Behind the reception desk, I could see rail after rail of garments filling up this warehouse like space. ‘Feel free to walk around’, he smiled as I finished signing a visitor book. 

Oh my god, where should I start…

Military uniforms of all eras from the Roman to the Vietnum War were hanging neatly along the rails. Dresses for period dramas were also there. They too came in all sizes, colour and periods. Between the railings, there were shelves laden with a storage boxes which were stuffed with undergarments such as petticoats, corsets and hoses, all labelled meticulously. I walked past a girl with a clipboard who was kneeling down over one of the storage boxes and leafing through Victorian style blouses. Is she costume-hunting for film? I wondered.

A headdress for a masked ball, anyone?

The studio would provide helmets and weapons from all eras too…

And they wouldn’t have to be mean or serious…

My heartbeat became definitely faster when I saw those names on the boxes…

As I wandered between the rails, I thought about hiring clothing from them for my impending shoot. Especially, some striking accessories such as this one would be amazing, I thought…

And a skirt like this…

For the menswear, I would love to hire authentic trousers worn by the sailors during WWI & II…

‘Could I hire some garments from you for my fashion shoot? I only have a small budget but do you think you can help me?’, I asked the same man who admitted me. ‘Bring your mood boards and we will sort something out’, he handed me a card and gave me a wink. 

They could be my saviour, I thought as I headed home. I was a little stuck about where to find the clothing which could complete the images I had in my mind. Now, I had found the place which could make my dream come true! I was so happy. 

Once the bloomers are finished, I will visit them and see what they can do for me…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

2 thoughts on “The Costume Studio N1

  1. What a fascinating place. I used to live just up from the Balls Pond Road, but I don’t remember this place. I do remember visiting a leather merchant somewhere around there though many years ago although that might actually have been on Essex Road.

    • Yes, it was! I bumped into it by chance and I was very glad to find it. It is always good to be foot or on a bike because London still offers small surprises here and there…😍

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