At last…

I have my bathroom back!

It was a long time coming and finally, bloody finally, the room is all mine!! No more noise, no more dust and no more builders. I AM SO HAPPY!

My walk-in wardrobe had been a builder’s temporary workshop and storage and as a result, the floor has become rather grubby…

For improving the drainage underneath and the slope of the shower tray, we decided to insert a small step-up to the space…

My brand new waterproofed shower floor. ..

The drain is assisted by a brand new macerator, Saniflo which sucks and expels the water in no time. I have used the shower room twice already, and happy to learn that the system is working like a dream!

This sink was out of action for a whole year…

When the project commenced, the sink had an air block so the water didn’t drain and the tap didn’t work because of the accumulation of lime scale and a broken cold water feed. Anyway, they have been sorted and repaired. The sink is fully operational!

Hubbie’s favourite seat is also back to its former glory…

Reinstating the loo turned out to be a minor niggle. A plumber reconnected it but the positioning was not quite spot on. As a result, the water leaked to downstairs. When their office manager raised an alarm, I thought my heart skipped beat (in a bad way). Why?! We have just laid a new floor!! It turned out that the plumber needed an additional part in order to make the connection watertight. So he reconnected the loo next day. It was a final task of the project so he packed up for good and left. Then, I flushed the loo as a test and found no gushing water coming out from the tank! The plumber was back again and he confessed that he forgot to turn on a water supply to the loo…

Only task I am left with now is emptying my wardrobe and give it a good all dusting over. Ohhhh, I am so not looking forward to it. It is a huge (& dusty) final hurdle which I have to jump but I am still hesitating at a starting block…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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