Oops, he’s done it again…

I raised a hand to stop the cab coming towards us on Old Street, ‘Let’s get a cab!’ As soon as Hubbie and I settled into a back seat, he exclaimed, ‘Oh sh*t! I’ve forgot the ticket!!’ We were on our way to Somerset House for a lecture, a part of the event, PHOTO LONDON. So we asked the cab driver to wait while Hubbie would dash to his office and fetch the ticket. Oh dear, I should have looked after it instead of trusting it to him, I thought. He could be s bit of scattered brain when he was extremely busy…

‘You are in charge of this from now’, he handed me the ticket, huffing and puffing as the cab pulled out and merged into early rush-hour traffic. ‘Do you think we have time for a quick tea & cake?’ I asked Hubbie as I studied the paperwork. ‘Oh, I should imagine so’, it was his cheerful reply. Then, I spotted a fatal flaw. He told me the lecture would start from 5 o’clock but the ticket stated otherwise – it was to start from 4 o’clock! Our cab was creeping up Fleet Street and the time was already 4:20. ‘Oh no, I didn’t do it, did I? Please tell me I didn’t!’ Hubbie lamented. We thought everything was going swimmingly but our boat was in fact sinking fast with a large hole in the hull…

The event organiser kindly let us sneak into the auditorium…

The lecture was given by Nadav Kander, a South African photographer, who was famous for his portraits of world leaders and celebrities. I was especially taken by his remark about Francis Bacon. ‘The image (of a sitter) expresses better if all of him/her is not shown. Because in that way, the viewer’s imagination will do the job’ I couldn’t agree more.

PHOTO LONDON is the largest and most luxurious photographic exhibition in London. An equivalent of the Frieze Art Fair. Like Frieze, the venue are full of big name photographic galleries and dealers from all over the world…

We managed to dodge securities and looked around a part of the marquee after the lecture. ‘We must look the part’, we whispered to each other as we walked in and out of the gallery booths, studying and musing exquisite prints displayed on the walls. It was a private view day and therefore open to journalists and dealers only. Oops!

We have tickets for Saturday and in the meantime, I am looking after it and I shan’t let him come anywhere near it…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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