Hosing down Mr.B

The time had come to give a good wash to Mr.B. ‘You might not care about your appearance but I do!’ I scooped him up in my arm and marched to the shower room.

Mr.B shaking with trepidation…

‘Please tell me this is not happening!!’

Ever since he was a puppy, he was washed by me at home. I took him to a groomer once when he was very young and I didn’t like the way they kept him with large-sized dogs. Even though he was in a pen on his own, he looked petrified. 

Hosing down was followed by a vigorous rubbing down by a towel…

He looked a bit dazed, didn’t he? Bless him.

After transforming from soaking wet to just damp, he was allowed to be loose in the living room. He did his usual post-bath ritual, running around like a lunatic followed by rubbing his body against a sofa like a mini-bulldozer. Then eventually, he settled down in his dog bed  and mulled over what happened to him…

Behold his angry stare…

He was very pi**ed off with me for a while…

I’m not talking to you. I am not your friend today.

Oh dear…

Once being given a blow-dry which he secretly enjoyed, he seemed to have mellowed a little. Phew!

It wasn’t too bad, was it, Mr.B?

I’m so happy that you are back to your handsome self again…

His fur recovered normal fluffiness and smelt gorgeous.

I’m sure you will appreciate about me bathing you, Mr.B…

He looks like a raccoon, don’t you think?

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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