Easily happen

Oh Bu**er, I’ve done it again!

I muttered as I was sorting out bags of delivery from Ocado, the online supermarket, yesterday afternoon. I would never have made the mistake if I were picking up the item from an actual shelf in a real shop instead in a virtual one.

I didn’t realise how large the new cling film dispenser would be…

It’s not only bulky but also very HEAVY. Since I paid £7.99 for this, and therefore, I will use it until it breaks like the predecessor. However, the thought of me having to reach out for this humongous chunk of plastic from the draw every time I need cling film makes me sigh with resignation. How I wished if I had read the item description on the page in the website properly so I wouldn’t have bought the wrong stuff!

Is the new dispenser shorter than the old one?! 

Both of them state their size as 350mm wide. Therefore, I assume the refill I own already should fit in the new dispenser. Phew!

I bought a 1kg jar of pickled gherkins by mistake through Ocado in the same manner in the past. I can’t remember how I managed to use them all as Hubbie was not a big fun of pickled cucumbers. I do recall the jar stayed with me a long long time in the cupboard. I thought that I had learnt my lesson from the experience, but apparently, I had not! 

From next time, I shall read it twice and buy once. It’s my new mantra when I do online shopping…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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