Princess Bella

It has been a week since Bella the Yorkie pup came into our life. She has adjusted herself to a new life remarkably quickly and been thriving to be a bold and energetic pup ever since. During the first week, I have noticed some of her characteristics appear to be the polar opposite to Mr.B’s. First of all, She is much more outgoing. While Mr.B was a cautious pup – either it was to do with he being naturally so or due to his upbringing, Bella seems to possess inquisitiveness which overrides all the fear. Another personal trait I have noticed in her is her tenacity. If Bella sets her mind to do things, such as climbing up a mattress or destroying a toilet roll, she does so with great gusto and determination. 

Nothing is safe around her…

She zeroed in on my Nike slider and decided to carry it away onto a mattress on the floor. It looked like an almost impossible task – Bella 830g, the slider UK3, the wall height 15cm – isn’t she biting more than she can chew, I giggled. However, she managed to complete the mission after a dozen of failed attempts! 

Bella is a dynamite!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Thank you!

First of all, please receive my heartfelt thank you for all the kind words I received since I uploaded my previous post. I couldn’t help crying as I read all the message again and again. Your kindness means tons and I am truly blessed to have you guys as my friends. Thank you so much. XXX

Rainbow Bridge

I am very sad to report that Mr.B crossed Rainbow Bridge during early June.

I have to content myself with the thought that we did everything we could to keep him alive with a good quality of life. 

The life after his passing was extremely tough for us. He was our security blanket and all the dreadful events, such as Brexit, mass shootings, terror attacks, etc, felt like body blows to knock us over again and again. How much we missed his furry cute face…

My iPhone screensaver which was deleted after his death.

I was sinking in the depth of despair and didn’t know how to get out of it. The emptiness I felt was numbing and I was a grief-stricken zombie. Then Hubbie suggested if he could invite my mum so she could comfort me. 

Mum’s visit materialised at the end of July and her presence comforted me immensely. She stayed with us for 2 weeks and during her whirlwind holiday, she urged me to have another dog. 

Even though I felt guilty towards Mr.B, I really desperately missed a life with a furry companion. I wanted to reminisce about him but I was also afraid of doing so because I would be too sad about his absence. With flood of tear, I confessed my dilemma to Hubbie and we decided to look for a puppy.

After calling around with a list from the Kennel Club, we found a Yorkie puppy. 

Meet our Bella.

She is 8 weeks old. Very naughty and energetic.

With her on our side, we can talk about Mr.B. How cute he was and how we enjoyed the life with him. Through Bella, Mr.B comes alive again…

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