Princess Bella

It has been a week since Bella the Yorkie pup came into our life. She has adjusted herself to a new life remarkably quickly and been thriving to be a bold and energetic pup ever since. During the first week, I have noticed some of her characteristics appear to be the polar opposite to Mr.B’s. First of all, She is much more outgoing. While Mr.B was a cautious pup – either it was to do with he being naturally so or due to his upbringing, Bella seems to possess inquisitiveness which overrides all the fear. Another personal trait I have noticed in her is her tenacity. If Bella sets her mind to do things, such as climbing up a mattress or destroying a toilet roll, she does so with great gusto and determination. 

Nothing is safe around her…

She zeroed in on my Nike slider and decided to carry it away onto a mattress on the floor. It looked like an almost impossible task – Bella 830g, the slider UK3, the wall height 15cm – isn’t she biting more than she can chew, I giggled. However, she managed to complete the mission after a dozen of failed attempts! 

Bella is a dynamite!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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