Bella, oh Bella

Bella is almost 10 weeks old! Since she joined us two weeks ago, her frame has grown bigger and her gait has become steadier. She runs around the apartment like a little tornado and does all sorts of mischief. The first 4 nights were definitely tough on us because she didn’t settle herself into sleep on her own. Her pining kicked off as soon as the light was out. She whined and whined and she increased the volume as she realised her pleading was not getting any response from us. Then, she upped the ante by turning her whining to yapping. When she learnt her yapping and barking were still ignored, she decided to howl like a wolf. Eventually, the dawn broke and zombie-like Hubbie and I sipped our tea and looked at Bella who was only happy to see us. Oh dear, how we managed to persevere those 4 nights, I don’t know. Then, on the fifth night, like a magic, Bella slept through the night and didn’t whimper at all. It felt like a miracle and we were overjoyed!

Being a pup means having lots of naps…

Puppies fall asleep like a wind-up toy out of power, don’t they? After a whirlwind of activities, Bella switches herself off and sleeps like a stone. During these brief periods of calm, I can get on with housekeeping chores. You see, I don’t want be like her jailer but she does need supervision so she won’t end up in vet. Despite we have done our best to puppy-proof our apartment, Bella always manages to find loop holes.

These are the moments of her being caught red handed…

Unlike Mr.B who was cautious to new things, Bella is very into new things. Watching the way she interacts with them is really entertaining but at the same time there have been more than a few “heart in a mouth” moments too.

Oh Bella, I hope your curiosity won’t get yourself into hot water…

As we seem to have managed to establish a routine, I have commenced knitting a new sample for 2017. For this season, I want to combine my finger knitting method with needle knitting. Some  difficulties are expected but I am itching for the challenge!

Bella has given me back a life which went missing after Mr.B’s passing. She doesn’t know how much it means to me. Thank you, little Bella. I am eternally grateful…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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