Costly lesson

I talked to Bella as I placed a plate of breakfast in front of her, ‘I look forward to checking what kind of No.2 you produce this morning, Bella’. Yes, she was having a bit of tummy problem since Tuesday night because of my carelessness. 

Ok, let me explain what happened.

Last Tuesday night was Bella’s second puppy class and we were there to practice basic commands, such as “sit” and “down”. During the previous class, she didn’t show much interest in her treat (or bribe) because she was a bit overwhelmed by the cacophony created by a pair of very raucous Shiba pups. However this time, she was more confident and was eating through a small amount of treats I brought very quickly. Then, she gobbled the last morsel halfway through the lesson and I had nothing to entice her anymore. Like any normal puppy, she got bored very quickly and started to distract other puppies, who were practicing the commands, by hopping around them and inviting them to truant! ‘She can have our treat if you like’, a couple who were working with their pup next to us gave me a small handful of kibbles. Bella seemed to be liking the treat very much and therefore I resumed her training and she ended up eating them all. If I had a crystal ball and foresaw what would happen in a few hours time, I would never have fed the treat which was for a puppy who was a lot bigger than Bella and 2 weeks older than her…

During our journey home on a bus, Bella was extra fidgety and vocal. She was whining loudly all the way which was embarrassing to say the least. I kept my back towards the rest of the passengers and praying for the bus to speed up or for Bella to shut up. Eventually, we alighted at Angel station and I walked to another bus stop on City Road while clutching wriggly Bella under my arm. The way she threw her tiny body time to time was so ferocious, I nearly dropped her which made my heartbeat skip! There were a few people waiting for a bus and they were very much amused by the sight of me trying to calm Bella down. ‘How old is your pup?’ A girl with funky glasses asked me. I told her that Bella had just passed an 11 weeks mark. The time was well passed 9:30pm and the buses we were waiting for were nowhere to be seen. So we chatted away to kill our time. Then, I smelt a distinctive odour of No.2. Oh no, don’t tell me she has done it. I looked down and I saw a long piece of poo on my Repetto! As I scrambled for a piece of kitchen roll in my bag to clean up the mess, the girl blurted out, ‘Oh my god, your shirt!’ Ugh, the poo was also deposited on my shirt. Poor Bella was desperate for poo. She was telling me how urgent it was all the way while I wrongly assumed she was being tired and cranky. Sure enough, Bella went very quiet after relieving herself and I felt really bad for her.

Bella: ‘I was trying to tell you but you didn’t listen’…

I am so sorry, Bella.

The repercussions of feeding her unsuitable treat surfaced as soon as we arrived home. She produced very loose stool all over the floor and ended up being taken to a vet next morning. I was told to feed her special tinned dog food for upset tummy and to administer medication twice a day. Thankfully, her appetite seemed to be unaffected by the condition and she was scoffing delicious diet of chicken and rice. However for me, having to be vigilant all day and night against loose poo attacks was pretty stressful. Rubber gloves, a disinfectant spray and kitchen rolls were never far away. 

Then, she yielded an almost ok looking No.2 this morning and Hubbie and I were overjoyed. We were never this happy to see a piece of doggie poo.

I swear I will feed Bella what I know for sure ONLY…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura


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