Growning pain

Bella is doing really well. She is growing fast and as she grows older, her power of destruction multiplies!

Bella is like a magpie. She carries off all sort of things, some of them are larger than her to a sofa. By the way, the steps by the sofa used to belong to Mr.B. One of the few items we kept for the memory of him. I still get very upset when I see his photographes. Bella is a great help when comes to cheer me up though.

We have started her house training since all the vaccinations have been completed. I take her out every 2 hours but she hasn’t grasped the concept just yet…

In her mind, hitting a pavement means meeting her adoring public and sunbathing. I wish if I could explain to her that it also involves doing her business and WALKING…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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