American Museum of Natural History

Poor Hubbie didn’t see much of NYC. He spent the most of our 6 days in the city holing up in our hotel room, hunching over his MacBook and cursing a slow internet connection. ‘Sorry for not being a very good company for you’, he lamented apologetically. I reassured him that he shouldn’t be concerned about me because I was going to visit American Museum of Natural History after our room service breakfast.

Down a very very slow escalator at Rockefeller Center…

Our time in the Big Apple coincided with a festive period leading up to the Fourth of July weekend. Everywhere in Manhattan was busy with teeming holidaymakers and the museum was no exception. After walking through a security check, I joined another queue for ticketing machines.

Probably the most famous exhibit of the museum, a giant Blue whale…

A fibreglass model of the 94-foot-long female blue whale was suspended from the ceiling of the Hall of Ocean Life. The size of it was awe inspiring.

The way the specimens were exhibited at the museum was somewhat old-fashioned but also magical…

The specimens were skilfully placed in front of amazingly effective trompe l’oeils behind the glazing. They were so lifelike and spine tingling…

The best exhibits for me were these…

So melancholic and poetic. Their life was captured in an old-fashioned wooden cabinet like a message in a bottle.

Life comes in all sizes, colours and shapes…

The museum reminded me that the planet was still full of wonderful creatures and objects. However, we are doing far far little to protect this jewel called Earth, I thought.

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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