Regret in NYC

The AMNH was wonderful except their cafeteria, I reported to Hubbie when I got back to our hotel. ‘What was wrong with them?’ he asked me with his eyes firmly fixed to his MacBook screen. While sipping a cup of tea with much less milk than I normally preferred (the room service never brought us enough milk), I recounted how their tills weren’t well managed so it created confusion and a very long queue with gruntled looking diners, how terrible their coffee and sandwich were, how the fluorescent lighting in their basement cafeteria made the atmosphere clinical and depressing and how tired looking families with trays were circling around the overcrowded dining area like shoals of fish. The only things to save the situation for me were the staff at the cashier being very smiley and pleasant, and being able to find a table (though sharing with others) with relative ease because I was on my own. No disrespect intended to the AMNH, but I found dining experience at the Natural History Museum London far superior with the quality of foods and atmosphere to the transatlantic counterpart. I appreciate that visitors to the museum are more likely to be mainly families with young children and they may not be necessarily looking for anything too fancy or sophisticated. Still, their exciting day out lunch at the AMNH doesn’t have to be drab and slapdash, I thought.

Blue sky above SOHO…

We were blessed with terrific summery weather during our stay in NYC. Even though poor Hubble was confined to air conditioned rooms in Midtown due to his workload and therefore didn’t taste it much, I was set free into the city which was sweltering under the baking sunshine and the heat emitted from the wall mounted air conditioning units.

One major drawback of being on my own in the Big Apple I found with huge regret was having to eat my lunch alone. As I walked through Little Italy, the populace were enjoying alfresco lunch laid out on the tables with red gingham check tablecloths and I genuinely admired the scenery. It is true that the restaurants wouldn’t have minded if I were solo or not but I found the prospect of having to sit at the table alone too much a venture, especially my mood was still unpredictable after Mr.B’s death. So I had to avert my gaze and to move on. It was so sad that I had to give it a miss to all those amazing restaurants which were jam packed in the city because of Hubbie’s murderous work schedule. He was simply too tired to smarten himself up for a proper dinner service and I didn’t have a heart to insist on it. Beside, we were still mentally fragile about Mr.B and knew in our heart that we wouldn’t be a good dinner companion for each other. So most of our meals, alas, were brought to our room by room service and we ate them on our bed. As we munched on, we also channel-surfed the American TV programmes. The talk of the town then was of course about them…

And also about the Fourth of July and Pokémon Go which was about to be released in NYC.

The holiday was meant to be an antidote to mend my broken heart. However, we learnt it was not a very straightforward affair…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura


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