Bella is growing

Bella is just over 3 months old! It has been almost 8 weeks since she came into our life and we have been loving every minute of watching her growing up. I am confident that we have successfully developed our routine and the bond between us is becoming deeper and stronger as days go by.

She has mastered “sit” and “down”. She has also learnt to bring her toys to me if she wants me to play with her.

She is so energetic!

She can climb stairs now!

We have started house training in earnest but the outcome is hit and miss so far. I sometimes end up walking around with her nearly an hour with no result. Then, she pees as soon as we are back inside! Alice, my local dog-walker, has assured me that puppies won’t develop enough muscle strength around bladder until 6 months old, and Bella is still very excited when she is outside and can’t be relaxed enough to wee. ‘She is still very young and you are doing the right thing for her’, Alice reassures me.

After all day of playing, Bella is a little sleepy…

She can have my bomber jacket as long as she leaves a faux fur collar alone.

I still find odd hairs of Mr.B on soft furnishings sometimes and the thought of him still makes me cry. Bella’s presence is a great help and I am so grateful for it. I learnt a lot about raising a puppy from Mr.B and as a result, I can look after Bella better than I could do for him. I hope he doesn’t think I love him less now because she is here. Mr.B is still very special for me and he always will be…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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