Bella & her beer cap

Bella seemed to have a special interest in a beer cap. This was her second time she insisted on bringing home a cap found on the pavement.

‘What is wrong with me bringing a souvenir home?

Last time was Guinness. And this time, it’s Stella Artois!

Are you satisfied now? Can I have it back?

Oh well, I’ll let you have it back if you let me supervise you.

She is a proper “terrierist” (terrier-terrorist). Her official job description is a toy destroyer. Poor Mr.Hampster had his nose removed by her this morning…

Phew, I extracted the plastic bit from her muzzle in time. Mr.B was a perfect gentleman and did none of her antics. Bella, you must stop this before you chew more than you can swallow!!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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