Morning at the tower

At the fortress, we all slept like a log.
The night was so quiet, the sound of wave washing over a shingle beach was so soothing and the beds we slept on were so comfortable. We just couldn’t let go of our lie-in so easily.

Morning, everyone!

A beautiful (late) morning.
As I poked my unkempt head out of the door, I saw a couple of mountain bikers, a father and his son, scanning the tower with curiosity. ‘Good morning!’ We exchanged greetings. ‘Do you live here?!’, the boy’s eyes were as large as a saucer with excitement. I explained to them that we rented the tower for a long weekend through the Landmark Trust and they should do so likewise in future because the place would be a dream for boys of all ages. The son looked up his dad with pleading eyes and the dad smiled back to him, promising he would look into it as soon as they were home. We waved good-bye and I returned to the kitchen to prepare our breakfast of toast, fruits, yogurt and tea.

After enjoying our lesuirely breakfast, we climbed up to the rooftop again…

Sea breeze rustling in our hair was the only sound we could hear up there. No noise such as car horn honking or a siren of emergency vehicle zooming past were heard. It was just peaceful and calm.

Hubbie was busy with sorting out his cameras and lenses, so mom and I decided to explore the outside of the tower on foot…

A stretch of shingled bank divided the North Sea and River Alde. As the sun came nearer to its zenith, the path went busier with day-trippers’ cars.

River Alde was the home of Aldeburgh Yacht Club. The colourful sails of sailing dinghy looked so pretty under the blue sky…

Sailors were making the best use of the strong wind which was always present over the river. Some of them were tacking the sails very aggressively and it was fascinating to watch.

A result of £2.2million sea defence work which was carried out in order to protect the area around the tower from coastal erosion…

Over the time, the shingle beach around the fort was washed away by storms and by the early 2000, the situation became too critical to be managed in piecemeal manners. After great deal of effort by the local people, the funding was secured and the work had finally commenced in 2007.

The Martello Tower, you are a beauty…

Military architecture fascinates me.
I’m fascinated by them because they possess a certain kind of beauty and elegance. Their charm does not lie in how opulent they are nor how chic they are. Most of them are anonymous and some of them are not even approachable.
Yet, they have gravitas. Their lack of frivolity and their ruthless pursuit for efficiency and economy emphasise how serious their business is.

In the Martello Tower, I found all of the aforementioned characteristics and qualities…

Mom waving from our bedroom window…

I was so grateful that I could share those special moments with my family. I wished if I could do so with Mr.B too…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

3 thoughts on “Morning at the tower

    • Thank you for your kind words, Agnes. Mom helped us a lot when we became too sad during the trip. It’s good to come away to a new place when the time is testing. It helped me to channel my thought to a future.
      More pics and stories will be uploaded later on. How I miss the blue sky in Aldeburgh today! It’s soooo grey in London 😦

      • Yes, I think sharing and support from your family is very necessary when grieving. My late mother spent many hours gazing out at the North Sea from Aldeburgh, Sizewell and Shingle Street when recovering from the loss of her beloved dog. It was a slow process back from a grief-fuelled depression. She found the restless sea soothing.

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