I grabbed my iPhone and pleaded to Hubbie if we could have fish & chips tonight.

The craving kicked off when I was replying to my fellow blogger Agnes Ashe‘s comment in which she shared her memories of fish & chips in Aldeburgh.

Once Hubbie was home, I frogmarched him to his Mac and he duly ordered fish & chips to our local chippies through Deliveroo.


We both rubbed hands with glee.

They were massive.

I was munching on enthusiastically at first but soon, I hit the wall. The serving was too large. 

Hubbie glanced at me and sighed, ‘You barely made a dent on them’. Often, he accuses me of being a pelican – a mouth too large for its stomach. 

In the end, I managed to eat up to the extent of half and threw in the towel.

By the way, Agnes makes beautiful hand-painted silk scarves. Please take a look because they are divine!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

6 thoughts on “Craving

  1. What great packaging for home delivery of fish and chips. Kinda gets the ‘wrapped in newspaper’ aesthetic without the possibility of leakage.

    😄 And, thank you very much for the mention! 🎨

    • Yes, they were packed very well, weren’t they? I was worried about the state of chips when they arrived but they turned out ok. Last time we ordered burgers and chips using Deliveroo, the chips came a bit too soggy for my liking. The steam within a packaging does wilt the chips and they aren’t as nice as freshly cooked ones at the premise. Ever since Bella has joined us, we tend to order delivery more often than eating out.
      About mentioning about your beautiful creations, not at all. They are great and I would love to order one for myself in future! 💕

      • Ah sweet Bella – we always think it’s such a shame that doggies aren’t welcome inside cafés and restaurants. Mind you when my sister’s enthusiastic labradoodle was young he would have demolished anywhere which combined food and friendly strangers!

      • I agree with you wholeheartedly. Life with dogs is wonderful but it does limit what one can do. I wish if the rules and etiquettes are more relaxed like French or German. Some treatments I received in the past from shop security and etc, did make me feel like if I were carrying germ or disease.
        Ahhh, your sister’s labradoodle! I met one the other day in my local park and she was a puppy and she was devastatingly cute!
        BTW, Bella will be out of action for a while. She managed to crack her left elbow by playing too rough with other puppies last Monday. I was too upset to write about it until this morning. It was because her fracture was on a joint, we had to take her to a specialist in Luton and I picked her up yesterday afternoon. She is doing ok but for another 8 weeks, she will have to be in semi-confinement. Even though it was self inflicted and no one’s fault, I feel really bad for her. For a 4 months old pup, this is so boring!😭

      • Ah – oh dear poor Bella. Don’t worry too much about the op. About 20 years ago one of my Mum’s toy poodles fell partially down a cattle grid and broke his front leg. He was rushed off to a specialist vet and had an operation to pin his leg with a miniature steel plate. The op was successful and eventually he returned to normal running around. He lived until he was 14 years old and didn’t ever seem to have a problem with his mended leg. I should think that veterinary skills, techniques and medicines are all vastly improved these days. Wishing Bella a speedy recovery.

      • Oh thank you for reassuring me. I was so worried. I just hated to see her in agony. Hope the recovery will be smooth and steady. Though, being Bella, she seems to care not much about her elbow. Running and jumping are strictly forbidden for the first 8 weeks and I am not sure how I can keep eye on her 24/7!😱

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