Smelly Fishy

Normally, I do not like slagging off anyone or anything. Not that I am meek or a pacifier, but I keep my own counsel most of the time. The reason why is because observing how some people, chiefly Donald Trump, spewing their hateful and useless personal opinions all over the world, I don’t see the point of adding yet another hate or insult to the world unless I really mean it.

However, my moment of rage arrived one late September afternoon when I was flicking through a copy of Evening Standard Magazine while sipping latte at Saint Espresso on Pentonville Road.

The article by Laura Craik was about Christopher Kane featuring Crocs during his show in London Fashion Week and her ambivalent feeling towards “ugly shoes”…

Sure, we all need comfy shoes every now and then. I don’t deny them to me or anyone. When I walk Bella, I would rather wear comfortable flats than heels.
Having said that, I have found these recent trends in which big name brands/designers tie-up with seemingly unremarkable mandate objects and elevate them to stratospheric heights, using their ginormous PR machines. They are not benignly celebrating those hardworking Crocs or Birkinstocks which have been a staple footwear of medical professional personnels for decades though. The designers pounce on those “fabulously ugly” items because the sights of them being mixed with their “exquisitely beautiful” are shocking and perfect attention grabbers. It doesn’t matter if they are lined with fur or come in limited edition hues, they are chunky ubber clogs which are comfortable but not beautiful. Ok, I admit they are an epitome of “form follows function” and they are beautiful in that sense. They are worthy to exist because they make some people’s life easier.

Nevertheless, a price tag of Christopher Kane Crocs SS17 will never be under £30.00 – a typical price for Medical Crocs. They are likely to be way more pricy than that only because the clogs have an (minuscule) intervention by a well-known darling of the British fashion industry. Since his sneakers cost between £280 – £525, I can easily visualize a pair of CK Crocs sporting a tag of £300. How can I take it seriously? They are having a laugh!

My opinion towards recent fashion trends/fads are ambivalent as Laura’s. A dilemma of wanting to understand contemporary culture objectively but not being able to do so without having a contempt towards them is always present within me.

At the end of the day, “being trendy” is not a byword for being chic or fashionable. Since those trends are churned out by big name designers who are bankrolled by fashion conglomerates, by being trendy, we are likely to make those already scandalously rich chief executives even richer. And I really don’t want to justify or legitimise their money making schemes by taking part in this “á la mode” game.

My trusted all time favourite, Zizi by Repetto…

This pair is my fourth in 15 years. They fit like gloves on my feet and are so comfortable all year around.

A French chanteur, Serge Gainsbourg, made these Oxford shoes world famous by living in the pair – he went through 30 pairs a year until his death in 1991…

Apparently, he had sensitive feet and found Repetto’s offering as his salvation. I must admit that these pair don’t require any breaking in even if they are worn on bare feet straight out of their box brand new. They have absolutely nothing whatsoever to rub or irritate your feet. They are amazing. I don’t know why Serge had to have 30 pairs a year because they are so very well made and tough. Maybe he liked his pair brilliantly white all the time? By being in white, the pair does show scratch marks after a few weeks of wearing. But the leather is extremely supple and easy to take care. However, I can’t imaging Serge or Jane polishing their shoes. It would be totally too uncool and petit bourgeois for them. Serge and Jane had to be nonchalant. FULL STOP.

I hope you are not thinking about chewing up my shoe laces, Bella…

I believe in being original and admiring in people’s originality. Let’s not be a slave but be a pioneer…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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